Transform your picnic by tweaking your favorite recipes at

Who Doesn't Love A Picnic?

Picnics are a great gift to a weary souls who often spend too much time indoors.

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Essentials things to remember as you head out to a picnic at

Spring Picnics!

There’s nothing better than gathering with family and friends and enjoying a fresh, home-cooked meal under the sun.

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From one canning enthusiast to another. Why Steve Cylka cans at

Why I Can

With the advent of new, easier to use canning tools, many people are feeling less intimidated by the task and are giving it a go.

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Canning tips to help you can like a professional at

Today’s Canning, Part 2

There’s a wide variety of foods that can be canned, each, however, requires a slightly different process. See tips.

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Today's canning is easier and safer. See the details at

Today's Canning

Canning is a simple process and can easily be learned by those who haven’t tried it.

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On The Menu: Jams and Jellies at

On The Menu: Jams and Jellies

Why buy jam from the store when you can enjoy homemade? But don't stop there!

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On The Menu: Cherries at

On the Menu: Cherries

When choosing cherries, look for plump, firm, and shiny cherries and avoid the ones with broken skin or bruises.

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Shrimp is On The Menu at

On The Menu: Shrimp

From shrimp cocktail to grilled shrimp tacos and shrimp scampi, there are many ways to cook this seafood favorite.

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National Grilled Cheese Month at

Ooey, Gooey Deliciousness

Who knew the myriad delights that could be found combining butter, bread, and cheese?

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