Michael loves to play with words and food. He has played with words as a freelance editor, magazine editor, newspaper reporter, and in corporate communications. He has played with his food for years--ask his mom. His current favorite kitchen gadget is an ice cream maker.


Grilling Fruits and Vegetables on CHEFScatalog.com

Grilling Fruits and Vegetables

For many people, grilling is all about the main course—but that is too limiting for a true brazier professional. Vegetables and fruit also taste great off the grill.

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Celebrate July Food Holidays, including National Lasagna Day, with CHEFScatalog.com!

July Food Holidays

Your monthly list of food holidays to celebrate!

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Celebrate the Fourth of July with CHEFScatalog.com

American Traditions: Fourth of July

Whether you’re hosting a picnic, a pool party, or a beach gathering, here are our tips for throwing a delicious and fun holiday event.

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Grilling Tools at CHEFScatalog.com

What’s New in Grilling Tools?

Is it time to replace--or add to--your grill tools? See the newest tools at CHEFS Catalog, plus some tried and true favorites.

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Make Your Own Pesto? Why not? See CHEFS Mix Blog at CHEFScatalog.com

Pound Your Own Pesto!

Pesta is the Italian word for pesto, which means “to pound or to crush.”

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Celebrate Food Holidays in June, including National Peanut Butter Cookie Day at CHEFScatalog.com

June Food Holidays!

For the Peanut Butter Cookier enthusiast, nothing quite satisfies as completely as the classic.

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Planning a family reunion at CHEFScatalog.com

American Traditions: Family Reunions

Celebrate your heritage, bond with different generations, create family memories, and establish traditions all at once with a family reunion!

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Celebrate the service men and women who protect our country this Memorial Day with CHEFScatalog.com

American Traditions: Memorial Day Celebrations

Memorial Day isn’t just the perfect opportunity to celebrate the start of summer, it’s a time to remember the men and women in the military who have served our country.

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