Michael loves to play with words and food. He has played with words as a freelance editor, magazine editor, newspaper reporter, and in corporate communications. He has played with his food for years--ask his mom. His current favorite kitchen gadget is an ice cream maker.


October 25 is World Pasta Day! Time to Celebrate with CHEFScatalog.com!

Celebrate World Pasta Day!

Join us in celebrating the delicious, healthy, and versatile qualities of pasta by creating a variety of dishes all month long.

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Making Homemade Candy at CHEFScatalog.com with recipes from Cook's Country.

A Guide to Making Candy

Everyone knows that candy made from scratch beats the store bought treats any day—and they make for amazing holiday gifts!

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Celebrate October Food Holidays at CHEFScatalog.com

October Food Holidays

Regardless of your preferences, you’re sure to find food holidays to add to your calendar of celebrations.

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Learn how to keep your knives sharp at CHEFScatalog.com

Keep Your Knives Sharp!

You’ve probably heard, “The best knife is a sharp knife.” It may sound like a folk saying, but it’s true.

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Enjoy sweet--healthy--snacks with these tips from CHEFScatalog.com

Sweet Snacking

“Think sweet” the next time you want to treat yourself.

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Enjoy salty--healthy--snacks with these tips from CHEFScatalog.com

Salty Snacking

If the craving for salt strikes, satisfy it by whipping up your own nutritious treats rather than ripping open a bag of chips.

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September is National Biscuit Month at CHEFScatalog.com

September is National Biscuit Month

Is it true that the only true test of whether or not you’re a real American chef is if you can successfully make flaky, buttery biscuits from scratch?

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Today is National Banana Lover's Day at CHEFScatalog.com

In Praise of the Banana

Bananas make great ingredients, whether your dish is savory or sweet; a bread or a dessert or something more.

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