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Today's canning is easier and safer. See the details at

Today's Canning

Canning is a simple process and can easily be learned by those who haven’t tried it.

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On The Menu: Jams and Jellies at

On The Menu: Jams and Jellies

Why buy jam from the store when you can enjoy homemade? But don't stop there!

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Preserving today’s fruits for tomorrow’s use

Canning one’s own food used to be seen as quaint. Okay in a nostalgic “It reminds me of my Grandma” sort of way, but nearly obsolete in a practical sense. However, canning is making a comeback.

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Outfit Yourself for Canning Success

Canning is a fantastic way to preserve foods you love, from jams and jellies to all manner of pickles, so you can enjoy them throughout the year. Read more at CHEFS Mix, a kitchen blog by CHEFS.

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