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Stand Mixer versus Hand Mixer: Do you need one or both?

If you’re a serious baker, you probably own a stand mixer and, without hesitation, admit it's your best friend in the kitchen. For others like me, choosing a mixer is a difficult decision that sets up a classic battle between "I want it" and "do I need it."

If you’re eyeing that lovely KitchenAid stand mixer in your favorite shade of blue but are not sure you really need it, take a deep breath and read on. Today at CHEFS Mix, we help you understand what to look for in a stand mixer and hand mixer and determine if you need one or both.

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Cutlery: Get to know your kitchen knives

The more you know about kitchen knives, the more fun you’ll have shopping for cutlery for your own collection or gifts. Today at CHEFS Mix, we’re answering basic questions about knives and how to choose the best ones for your kitchen.

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