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What do you do when you have too many zucchini? See tips at

Vegetable Peddler

Avoid the reputation of “vegetable peddler.” Consider these ideas for your extra veggies.

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From one canning enthusiast to another. Why Steve Cylka cans at

Why I Can

With the advent of new, easier to use canning tools, many people are feeling less intimidated by the task and are giving it a go.

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Canning tips to help you can like a professional at

Today’s Canning, Part 2

There’s a wide variety of foods that can be canned, each, however, requires a slightly different process. See tips.

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Today's canning is easier and safer. See the details at

Today's Canning

Canning is a simple process and can easily be learned by those who haven’t tried it.

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On The Menu: Jams and Jellies at

On The Menu: Jams and Jellies

Why buy jam from the store when you can enjoy homemade? But don't stop there!

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Canning, Food Storage, and Safety

You’ve successfully canned your vegetables and fruits. Now, what are you going to do with all those jars? What are the safety concerns with canned food?

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Preserving today’s fruits for tomorrow’s use

Canning one’s own food used to be seen as quaint. Okay in a nostalgic “It reminds me of my Grandma” sort of way, but nearly obsolete in a practical sense. However, canning is making a comeback.

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Canning 101

Our friends at Cook's Country share a comprehensive cannning 101 tutorial. Never tried canning before? This is a great place to start! Plus we are givingaway 5 copies of Grandma's Kitchen cookbook from the Cook's Country publisher. Come inside to find out how to enter.

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Outfit Yourself for Canning Success

Canning is a fantastic way to preserve foods you love, from jams and jellies to all manner of pickles, so you can enjoy them throughout the year. Read more at CHEFS Mix, a kitchen blog by CHEFS.

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Lemon Curd at CHEFS Mix

Gift from the Kitchen: Lemon Curd

Winter is finally arriving here in Colorado. Soon we will all be craving the warmth and flavors of Spring and Summer. One of my favorite winter treats is lemon curd. Creamy and tart it is delicious in a simple pie or just eaten with a spoon, it’s a taste of sunshine. If you are making gifts from your kitchen this Holiday Season, Lemon Curd is a great stocking stuffer or addition to a baking gift basket.

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