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Cooking 101 with America's Test Kitchen Cooking School: Tempering Eggs at

Cooking 101: Techniques To Help You Do More

Treat your eggs well and you’ll receive the reward of a velvety custard and smooth ice cream. See Cook's Country's step-by-step tips for tempering eggs.

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Christmas Gift Guides from

Cook’s Country Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for something special for the chef in your life, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Skinny Comfort Food?

When most people think about indulging in their favorite comfort food, they also think about pulling on their loose fitting clothes—but no more!

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Slow Cooking with Cook's Country

Introduction to slow cooking with recipes from Cook’s Country. Read more at CHEFS Mix, a kitchen blog by CHEFS.

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Think Beyond the Bowl

Ice cream in a bowl or on a cone is only the beginning. Ice cream—and your tastebuds—are destined for so much more.

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Canning 101

Our friends at Cook's Country share a comprehensive cannning 101 tutorial. Never tried canning before? This is a great place to start! Plus we are givingaway 5 copies of Grandma's Kitchen cookbook from the Cook's Country publisher. Come inside to find out how to enter.

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Waffles at CHEFS Mix


We are in love with waffles! Fluffy waffles for breakfast, waffle fries for lunch, and even waffles for dinner. But what is the best waffle maker? We looked at a few waffle makers, and made a whole lot of waffles. Here is what we like and didn't like about each, plus a recipe or two for yummy waffles from our friends at Cook's Country.

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A Gift for you from Cook’s Country and CHEFS at CHEFS Mix

A Gift for you from Cook’s Country and CHEFS

If you watch the popular Cook’s Country television show on PBS, you know that CHEFS Catalog has been an underwriter since the 2011 season. Like Cook’s Country, we’re passionate about cooking and helping you use the best cooking tools and recipes to make great meals for family and friends.

To celebrate this partnership, we’re delighted to give you a set of Cook’s Country recipes handpicked for readers of CHEFS Mix.

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