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On the Menu: Milkshakes at

On The Menu: Vanilla Milkshake

There are no limits when it comes to the delicious milkshake. The best ones are a thick, creamy combination of ice cream and other ingredients.

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Cooking 101 with America's Test Kitchen Cooking School: Tempering Eggs at

Cooking 101: Techniques To Help You Do More

Treat your eggs well and you’ll receive the reward of a velvety custard and smooth ice cream. See Cook's Country's step-by-step tips for tempering eggs.

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The Joys of Basil

This year the author’s basil obsession has him determined to create a basil ice cream.

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Think Beyond the Bowl

Ice cream in a bowl or on a cone is only the beginning. Ice cream—and your tastebuds—are destined for so much more.

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Make Memories and Make Ice Cream

Making memories with your children and grandchildren is easier when you combine it with something fun and tasty like making homemade ice cream!

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