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The Modernist Chef: Sous Vide (Part 2) at

The Modernist Chef: Tools

Guest blogger Steve Cylka shares a few tools that are commonplace in many kitchens of today’s modernist chefs.

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Cuisinart's Griddler is your Kitchen's Multitasker on CHEFS Mix, a kitchen blog of

Meet The Griddler!

Shouldn’t the small appliances in your kitchen multi-task like your smart phone? Yep, that’s what we think.

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Alternative coffee brewing methods at

Coffee: Alternative Brewing Methods

Over the past couple decades, coffee has become increasingly popular and many new products have been introduced to help drinkers enjoy the ultimate cup of joe.

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Coffee Makers at

Coffee: Make It At Home

Whether you’re looking to brew a simple, yet flavorful, cup of black coffee or a more complex latte, you can find a coffee maker that will suit you.

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Product Review: Sous Vide Supreme

With sous vide, the aim is to cook the food slowly, over a period of several hours, in a low temperature water bath designed to cook the entire dish to a uniform interior temperature of your choice.

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Mini Pies For Everyone!

With the Breville, I can make fruit pies, savory quiche, meat, or vegetable pies—including a family favorite, Chicken Pot Pie.

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First Time Cooks: College or On Your Own

If you do your research, pay attention to the Open Coil Rule, heed some caveats and pitfalls, and perfect a few simple recipes, college cooking can be fun, healthy, and a money-saver. Read more at CHEFS Mix, a kitchen blog by CHEFS.

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