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Mini Pies For Everyone!

With the Breville, I can make fruit pies, savory quiche, meat, or vegetable pies—including a family favorite, Chicken Pot Pie.

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The Foundation for Every Memorable Pie

There are two schools of thought when it comes to making pie crusts: Use a food processor or use your hands. Both work well. Which is best for you?

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Boot Camp for Pie Makers

Making pies is work. Important work, tasty work, fun work. But still serious work. Welcome to Pie Making Boot Camp.

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Let them eat pie! Blog post on CHEFS Mix Blog at

Let Them Eat Pie!

Today is National Pi day. While some folks will probably celebrate the mathematical constant, we choose to celebrate the sweeter tradition of pie!

Pie is an American tradition. Whether it is served a la mode or with cheese, pie is one of my favorite ways to finish a meal. We have some tricks and tips for perfecting pie crusts

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