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Secret Ingredients & Our "Not-So-Secret" Cranberry Sauce Recipe

An unexpected pinch of this or splash of that takes a common recipe from mundane to sublime. Family, friends and colleagues detect something different about the dish, rave about the taste and texture, but can’t name the unique ingredient. A few ask, even beg, for the recipe.

Now comes the moment of truth: do I share a signature recipe and reveal my “secret” ingredients and techniques?

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I first learned about koshari, a popular Egyptian street food, by chance. While half-watching an episode of No Reservations, I caught host, Anthony Bourdain, at a Cairo eatery savoring a tasty vegetarian meal for breakfast. He was eating koshari, often regarded as the national dish of Egypt.

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Homemade Vanilla Extract

Don’t look now but it’s already November. With the holidays looming, it’s time to begin making all the wonderful homemade food gifts you plan to give this holiday season.

High on my list of food gifts to make is homemade vanilla extract, a perfect hostess gift or thank you gift.  I simply pour the extract into a small amber glass bottle and add a handwritten label and festive ribbon.

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