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Have s'more of this campfire staple. On the Menu today at

On The Menu: S'mores

Going camping? Be sure to pack the essentials. It's just not camping without s'mores.

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Soft Pretzels are On The Menu at

On The Menu: Soft Pretzels

National Pretzel Day is April 26. What better way to celebrate than to bake your own?

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Pop Goes the Snack: Popcorn at CHEFS Mix Blog on

A Popping Good Time

Today is National Popcorn Lover’s Day! What better way to celebrate a favorite food than with experimentation?

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Maple Syrup at CHEFS Mix

The Sugar Run

From late winter to early spring is the prime season for maple sugaring—when the sap of the maple tree is collected and turned into maple syrup and other tasty items. Come discover a bit about the process and try some delicious recipes made with a hint of maple sweetness.

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Movie Night Snacks at CHEFS Mix

Movie Night Snacks

Tonight is a movie night at my house. We are going to put in an old classic, relax, and enjoy a family night together. But movie night means snack. And I love good buttery popcorn with a movie, but the family usually wants more. Here are some of our favorite snack ideas perfect for your next movie night.

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Super Bowl® Fans Savor Super Snacks

On Super Bowl® Sunday, football always takes center stage. Snacks, finger foods and beverages, however, are still in the spotlight. While hot wings, creamy dips and crunchy chips are perennial favorites, we’re looking for new recipes for this year’s Super Bowl® menu.

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Beet Chips

What do you do with bunches and bunches of fresh beets? Make batches and batches of beet chips.

This summer, I purchased a CSA (community supported agriculture) veggie share for the first time. After work on Thursdays, I dashed over to my pickup location. Like a contestant on Food Network’s Chopped, I couldn’t wait to open my box and inspect the contents: fresh, locally grown produce for a week’s worth of meals. And, beets. Bunches and bunches of fresh beets. Traditional red and heirloom Chioggia.

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