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Asparagus at CHEFS Mix


CHEFS friends from Cook's Country share some tips for selecting, prepping, and cooking asparagus. Plus get Cook's Country recipes for Parmesan Asparagus and Creams Asparagus Soup.

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Chicken and Dumplings at CHEFS Mix

Chicken and Dumplings

Sometimes, only a favorite meal is going to satisfy your hunger. For me, that usually means a childhood comfort food favorite. This past week the flu did a good job of putting me out of commission. All I wanted to eat was chicken and dumplings, one of my favorite comfort foods. Chicken soup was not going to do it, especially not the canned kind. A few quick substitutions made a good weeknight version of this Southern classic.

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Squash at CHEFS Mix

The Joys of Winter Squash

Few vegetables are as dependable - or as heartily satisfying - during these cold months as winter squash. While most other vegetables are coming from the hothouse and do not have the same flavor as the spring crops, this is the time when winter squash is at its peak. I can find a wide assortment at my grocer: from butternut to kabocha, there is a squash for any meal, savory or sweet.

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Meatless Monday at CHEFS Mix

Meatless Monday

I tend to stay away from foodie trends. Do not get me wrong, I love trying new recipes and new foods. I just am turned-off by fad foodie trends: they are not typically my cup of tea. But with the Meatless Monday trend, I have enjoyed many of the recipes that have been published specifically for this weekly, single-day celebration of more plant-based diets. And at one time having a Meatless Monday was a patriotic duty. Today, I thought I would share a couple of delicious Meatless Monday recipes that make a regular appearance on my dinner table!

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Spice up your Super Bowl Menu with a Taste of New Orleans Cuisine

Super Bowl XLVII takes place on February 3, just a few weeks away. I’m following post-season play on the sidelines – my favorite not-to-be-named California team missed the playoffs, again. While ardent NFL fans debate who will play for the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy, I’m busy planning the menu for our Super Bowl bash.

This year’s venue, New Orleans, tempts cooks to add spicy Cajun and Creole-inspired dishes to their Super Bowl spreads.

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Pressure Cookers at CHEFS Mix

Pressure Cookers, Part 2

Cooking with a pressure cooker isn’t hard, but short cooking times mean recipes need a little extra attention. Try these helpful hints and tips to make fantastic recipes with the pressure cooker.

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Soup at CHEFS Mix

Building a Better Soup

It's been cold in Colorado. It is the perfect weather for a warming bowl of soup. Discover a few tricks for making a more flavorful soup and share some of you tips.

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Garlic Soup Recipe

Every month or so, I join several of my CHEFS colleagues for a potluck lunch. We're all food-loving cooking enthusiasts with a diversity of kitchen experiences and cooking skills. The cooking challenge is simple: make and share healthy dishes that use fresh, seasonal ingredients and accommodate specific dietary restrictions like gluten-free and low-fat.

The centerpiece of our recent lunch was my version of Jacques Pépin‘s garlic soup recipe from an episode of Essential Pépin. The soup was a light, creamy and flavorful purée, perfect for lunch. It would also be a delicious addition to any post-holiday, game day or winter meal.

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