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On the Menu: Gumbo at

On The Menu: Gumbo

Tips to making an excellent New Orleans style gumbo.

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The tools you need to make exceptional soup are at

Make Soup Like A Professional

If you want to engage in the time-honored ritual of soup-making, arm yourself with some of the discipline’s crucial trappings.

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Comforting Food

Comfort food provides a reminder of home, family, or friends.

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Food's Power Couple: Soups and Sandwiches

One of the best things about fall and the cooler temperatures is the return of soup to the kitchen table. Pair it with your favorite sandwich and you have a real winner.

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Soup: The All Purpose Food Group

Soup can be tuned to fit any type of taste or mood. If you feel like indulging in a spicy flavor or something more comforting, you have options.

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Pressure Cookers at CHEFS Mix

Pressure Cookers, Part 1

It seems everyone has a horror story about seeing a pressure cooker used. Usually it has to do with seeing food shoot through the pressure nozzle on the top of the lid and coating the ceiling. Modern pressure cookers have advanced with technology, and are a perfect solution to quick homemade dinners. Come learn about the pressure cooker and delicious recipes for tonight’s dinner.

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