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Slow Cooker Stews at CHEFS Mix

Easy Slow Cooker Stews for Cold Weather Dinner

Winter came back for a visit after I thought the warm weather was going to stick around. With our most recent snow storm, I pulled the slow cooker back out to make some warming, winter-weather comfort food. Try one of these 5 stews in your slow cooker for dinner tomorrow.

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Pressure Cookers at CHEFS Mix

Pressure Cookers, Part 2

Cooking with a pressure cooker isn’t hard, but short cooking times mean recipes need a little extra attention. Try these helpful hints and tips to make fantastic recipes with the pressure cooker.

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Wintertime Slow Cooker Beef Stew with Ciabatta

Ciabatta can be time consuming, but the crisp exterior and chewy interior make this bread hard to resist. Once you make it at home you won't want it from anywhere else but your own oven.

The slow cooker hearty beef stew has a twist to its preparation to keep your veggies from getting mushy.

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