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Using cranberries in your leftovers adds a "tart-sweet" dimension at

A Cranberry Celebration!

In my family, everyone likes different types of cranberries--jelly, compote, and fresh. So, needless to say, I have a ton of leftover cranberry stuff.

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Guest blogger Julie Haan shares her experience with a Bradley Smoker at

Wondering About Smoking?

Guest blogger Julie Haan shares her first experience using a Bradley Original Barbecue Smoker.

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Smoke a Turkey with the Bradley Original Smoker at

What About a Smoked Turkey?

The smoker worked great on our first experiments with it, now I am ready to see if a smoked turkey is the “Best Tasting Turkey of All Time.”

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Carbohydrate Side Dishes for Thanksgiving at

Thanksgiving Side Dishes: Carbohydrate Overload

We do love our carbohydrates—and we do love Thanksgiving. If you pair starchy dishes with salads—and indulge in the potatoes sparingly—you’ll survive your holiday food coma just fine.

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Find the Right Roasting Pan for You at

Choosing the Right Roasting Pan

When choosing your roasting pan, there are many things to consider. Be sure you have the right one for you and your cooking habits.

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Brining a turkey at

My Exploration into Brining a Turkey

Julie Haan, raised on a turkey farm, decides to try brining a turkey this Thanksgiving (she's also trying deep-frying).

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David Leite says his family Thanksgivings are part holiday, part carnival.

A Tale of Two Dressings

Portuguese turkey, dressing, and a side dish? Yes, please, David Leite!

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