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So You Think You Know Flour? Learn more at

A Bouquet of Flours

The type of flour you use will depend on what you’re making—some flours work better than others.

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Product Review of Cup4Cup Gluten Free Products at

Product Review: Cup4Cup Gluten Free Flour

"I’ve tasted many gluten free products. Some were hits, others not. I was excited to see what the buzz for Cup4Cup’s mixes was all about!"

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Christmas Gift Guides from

Santa’s Helper: Gifts for the Baker

For the people on your list with a sweet tooth and a talent for whipping up everything from pies and cakes to biscuits and breads, here are some suggestions for the perfect gift.

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Christmas Cookies: Kids in the Kitchen

Christmas Cookies: Kids In The Kitchen

One of the best things about the holidays is all of the delicious treats that come with it. For many families, the Christmas tradition of baking and decorating cookies together is a definite highlight.

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Secrets To Making A Healthier Cake

One last post about cakes! No one wants to sacrifice taste to make something healthier. Good news - you can still indulge in your favorite slice of cake without all of the added sugar and fat!

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Finding The Right Cake Pan For Your Recipe

If you don't have the right pan for your cake recipe, don't sweat it! There are plenty of pans that can be used as substitutes.

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Sugar Demystified

At its simplest, sugar is a carbohydrate that is present in every fruit and vegetable. Plants make sugar through photosynthesis and then store it as food. In the United States, common white sugar or sucrose comes from sugar cane and sugar beets. One teaspoon of sugar has 15 calories.

In the kitchen, sugar plays a necessary and complex role especially when we cook and bake.

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Super Bowl® Fans Savor Super Snacks

On Super Bowl® Sunday, football always takes center stage. Snacks, finger foods and beverages, however, are still in the spotlight. While hot wings, creamy dips and crunchy chips are perennial favorites, we’re looking for new recipes for this year’s Super Bowl® menu.

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Bread Pudding Recipe

Several years ago, if I heard the words, “bread pudding,” I immediately imagined the too sweet lump of raisin-studded, milk-soaked bread I sampled in college. Today, I adore bread pudding for dessert especially around the holidays.

What caused my change of heart?

I credit Mark Bittman, the food writer best known for his cookbook, How to Cook Everything, and his New York Times food column, “The Minimalist.”

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Rustic Apple Tart

Bakers, turn on your ovens and celebrate. Baking season is finally here.

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