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Super Bowl® Fans Savor Super Snacks

On Super Bowl® Sunday, football always takes center stage. Snacks, finger foods and beverages, however, are still in the spotlight. While hot wings, creamy dips and crunchy chips are perennial favorites, we’re looking for new recipes for this year’s Super Bowl® menu.

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Food Trend: Milk Substitutes Invade the Dairy Case

If the supermarket dairy section is a gauge of current food trends, then more and more people are trading cow’s milk for dairy-free knock-offs made from plant-based ingredients like almonds, soy, coconut, hemp seeds, rice, oats, flax seeds and cashews. These milk substitutes appeal to consumers who choose to forego cow’s milk for health, environmental or ethical reasons.

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Baking with Tea

Most days, I regard tea as a soothing beverage on a cold winter’s night or refreshing drink on the hottest summer day. I have a large stash in my pantry – just can't resist trying new blends or another brand of Earl Grey. Unfortunately, loose tea loses its flavor and fragrance over time. Rather than sending my ageing purchases to the compost bin, I've begun using tea leaves in my every day cooking. To my delight, loose tea is an exciting baking and cooking ingredient, imparting unique flavors and aromas to both sweet and savory dishes.

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Toasting the New Year: Make mine lemonade

According to some  industry experts, sour foods with tart, acidic and bitter flavors are “in” for 2013. I am not a trendy or trendsetting cook. Tonight, however, I’m jumping on the “sour” bandwagon by choosing citrusy beverages that are heavy on the sour and light on the sweet.

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Homemade Irish Cream Recipes

If you’re ready to stock your bar with store-bought Irish cream, consider making your own this year. Irish cream recipes are easy, and the liqueur is delicious over ice, in coffee or in mixed drinks. Homemade Irish Cream is also perfect for last minute gifts.

Today at CHEFS Mix, we’re sharing two recipes for homemade Irish Cream: traditional and dairy-free.

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Holiday Beverages at CHEFS Mix

Holiday Drinks to Share with a Crowd

Let your slow cooker make your warm drinks this holiday season. It's an easy way to make drinks for a crowd or a party. Hot spiced apple cider, hot chocolate, traditional wassail, & more!

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