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Comfort Food: It’s Personal

What’s comforting for me may not be for you. But, regardless, comfort food provides a nostalgic or sentimental feeling.

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Skinny Comfort Food?

When most people think about indulging in their favorite comfort food, they also think about pulling on their loose fitting clothes—but no more!

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Comforting Food

Comfort food provides a reminder of home, family, or friends.

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Grown-Up Childhood Favorites at CHEFS Mix

Grown-up Takes on 5 Childhood Favorites

Somedays I dream of childhood favorites like mac and cheese, chicken fingers, and corn dogs. For one reason or another, whether it is a change in tastes or seeking better nutrition, as we grow into adults we leave those kind of meals behind. However, we say it is time to reclaim those favorites! With that in mind, we took a look at 5 kid favorites, and remake them into adult friendly dishes that will satisfy the kid in you!

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Chicken Pot Pie and Cold Weather at CHEFS Mix

Cold February Day = Chicken Pot Pie

A wintery, February day puts us in the mood for more comfort food. Today we are craving Chicken Pot Pie. It may be cold on the outside, but this delicious meal keeps us warm on the inside!

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