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Cuisinart's Griddler is your Kitchen's Multitasker on CHEFS Mix, a kitchen blog of

Meet The Griddler!

Shouldn’t the small appliances in your kitchen multi-task like your smart phone? Yep, that’s what we think.

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Harvest Celebrations

Since the early days of our agrarian society, the fall harvest has been a time to celebrate our ability as a people to pull the stuff of life from the ground.

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Host a BBQ Party—Indoors!

Everyone loves a great BBQ! The food, the fun, the atmosphere—it’s a perfect setup for a memorable party.

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Juicing: Is It For You?

Juicing can be a fun way to get your fruits and vegetables. But use common sense and realize juicing is a supplement to eating, not a replacement for eating.

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Love Your Kitchen: Bring the Family Together

With families so busy nowadays because of work schedules and extracurricular activities, the kitchen becomes an important place for gathering and spending time together beyond just at family dinners.

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Cooking in Camp: Food on the Trail

Camping is a great pastime and a fun way for you to get in touch with nature while spending time with your family and friends.

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