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Toasting the New Year: Make mine lemonade

According to some  industry experts, sour foods with tart, acidic and bitter flavors are “in” for 2013. I am not a trendy or trendsetting cook. Tonight, however, I’m jumping on the “sour” bandwagon by choosing citrusy beverages that are heavy on the sour and light on the sweet.

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New Year's Food Traditions: Lucky Foods from Around the World

On New Year’s Day, indulging in good luck foods for prosperity and health is a time-honored custom around the world. For example, in the United States, eating black-eyed peas is a popular Southern tradition (look for our recipe for "Hoppin' John" at the end of this post).

If you’re still planning your New Year’s Eve celebration or New Year’s Day brunch and are a tiny bit superstitious, add some of these good luck foods for an inspired and eclectic menu.

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Garlic Soup Recipe

Every month or so, I join several of my CHEFS colleagues for a potluck lunch. We're all food-loving cooking enthusiasts with a diversity of kitchen experiences and cooking skills. The cooking challenge is simple: make and share healthy dishes that use fresh, seasonal ingredients and accommodate specific dietary restrictions like gluten-free and low-fat.

The centerpiece of our recent lunch was my version of Jacques Pépin‘s garlic soup recipe from an episode of Essential Pépin. The soup was a light, creamy and flavorful purée, perfect for lunch. It would also be a delicious addition to any post-holiday, game day or winter meal.

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Happy Holidays at CHEFS Mix

Happy Holidays!

From all of us at CHEFS & the CHEFS Mix Editors

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Holiday Traditions at CHEFS Mix

Holiday Traditions

We hope your Holiday Season is off to a wonderful start. Today is Christmas Eve, and our test kitchen is closed. But we gathered the team together and here are some of the Holiday Traditions that we look forward to in our homes.

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A Gift for you from Cook’s Country and CHEFS at CHEFS Mix

A Gift for you from Cook’s Country and CHEFS

If you watch the popular Cook’s Country television show on PBS, you know that CHEFS Catalog has been an underwriter since the 2011 season. Like Cook’s Country, we’re passionate about cooking and helping you use the best cooking tools and recipes to make great meals for family and friends.

To celebrate this partnership, we’re delighted to give you a set of Cook’s Country recipes handpicked for readers of CHEFS Mix.

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Recipe Ideas for Quick and Easy, Last Minute Homemade Food Gifts

Did the words “quick and easy,” “last-minute” and “homemade” in the title catch your attention? The week before Christmas, they always capture mine.

Despite my best efforts, I end up needing an unplanned gift or two. Before heading to the stores, I always check my pantry and kitchen for possible ideas – my friends really appreciate homemade food gifts from my kitchen. Over the years, I've learned that many gift-worthy recipes use readily available ingredients and take only an hour or two to make.

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Homemade Irish Cream Recipes

If you’re ready to stock your bar with store-bought Irish cream, consider making your own this year. Irish cream recipes are easy, and the liqueur is delicious over ice, in coffee or in mixed drinks. Homemade Irish Cream is also perfect for last minute gifts.

Today at CHEFS Mix, we’re sharing two recipes for homemade Irish Cream: traditional and dairy-free.

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Bread Pudding Recipe

Several years ago, if I heard the words, “bread pudding,” I immediately imagined the too sweet lump of raisin-studded, milk-soaked bread I sampled in college. Today, I adore bread pudding for dessert especially around the holidays.

What caused my change of heart?

I credit Mark Bittman, the food writer best known for his cookbook, How to Cook Everything, and his New York Times food column, “The Minimalist.”

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Lasagna at CHEFS Mix

Dinner Ideas: Lasagna

This time of year, after a busy day, shopping for gifts, and weekday activitites, getting dinner on the table can be a challenge. Try this Porcini Mushroom & Prosciutto Lasagna for a weeknight meal. About an hour is all you need to get this dinner ready to eat!

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Stocking Stuffers at CHEFS Mix

Stocking Stuffers

Favorite stocking stuffers for the cooks and bakers on your gift list!

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Cutlery: Get to know your kitchen knives

The more you know about kitchen knives, the more fun you’ll have shopping for cutlery for your own collection or gifts. Today at CHEFS Mix, we’re answering basic questions about knives and how to choose the best ones for your kitchen.

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Gift from the Kitchen: Chocolate Truffles

Homemade chocolate truffles make great gifts and stockstuffers for the chocolate lover on your gift list. Add that person's favorite flavors for a personal touch.

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What's the best cookware?

Is a cookware set for her first apartment on your niece’s wish list?
Do you want to surprise a cooking enthusiast with specialty pan that will expand his cooking repertoire?
Is choosing cookware confusing?

If you answered “yes” to at least one question, you've come to the right place. Today at CHEFS Mix, we're sharing cookware basics that will boost your confidence when picking cookware for gifts or for your own kitchen..

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Lemon Curd at CHEFS Mix

Gift from the Kitchen: Lemon Curd

Winter is finally arriving here in Colorado. Soon we will all be craving the warmth and flavors of Spring and Summer. One of my favorite winter treats is lemon curd. Creamy and tart it is delicious in a simple pie or just eaten with a spoon, it’s a taste of sunshine. If you are making gifts from your kitchen this Holiday Season, Lemon Curd is a great stocking stuffer or addition to a baking gift basket.

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Gift Ideas at CHEFS Mix

Top 10 Most Popular Kitchen Gifts

Still looking for a gift for the cooks and bakers in your life? Come see what is currently trending and popular on the site.

Looking for the perfect gift is always a challenge. Today on CHEFS Mix we are taking a look at the currently trending gifts and what makes them unique and special.

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Holiday Beverages at CHEFS Mix

Holiday Drinks to Share with a Crowd

Let your slow cooker make your warm drinks this holiday season. It's an easy way to make drinks for a crowd or a party. Hot spiced apple cider, hot chocolate, traditional wassail, & more!

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Wintertime Slow Cooker Beef Stew with Ciabatta

Ciabatta can be time consuming, but the crisp exterior and chewy interior make this bread hard to resist. Once you make it at home you won't want it from anywhere else but your own oven.

The slow cooker hearty beef stew has a twist to its preparation to keep your veggies from getting mushy.

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During the Busy Holidays, A Slow Cooker Saves the Day

During the holidays my slow cooker is a lifesaver and timesaver. Like most people, I am swamped with too many things to do. From holiday parties to shopping, there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. When it comes to cooking, my slow cooker jumps in and saves the day.

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Peppermint Bark

Make your own peppermint bark to enjoy or give as a gift. With a 4 ingredients and a few simple tools you can make this peppermint candy for a third the cost of buying a boxed version. This recipe makes about 2 pounds of candy.

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Cookies by the Dozen - How to Store Cookies

When I bake cookies for friends and colleagues, my husband makes sure that I reserve a few dozen for him. Any other time of the year, storing a batch or two of homemade biscotti or chocolate chip cookies is a simple task. During the holidays, however, I bake a variety of crisp and soft cookies plus brownies. The last thing I want to do is dump all of them into one cookie jar. I need to keep soft cookies, soft, and crisp cookies delightfully crunchy.

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