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Using a Bradley Smoker by Julie Haan for CHEFScatalog.com

Wondering About Smoking?

Guest blogger Julie Haan shares her first experience using a Bradley Original Barbecue Smoker.

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Make Your Own Pesto? Why not? See CHEFS Mix Blog at CHEFScatalog.com

Pound Your Own Pesto!

Pesta is the Italian word for pesto, which means “to pound or to crush.”

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Cooking 101 with America's Test Kitchen Cooking School: Tempering Eggs at CHEFScatalog.com

Cooking 101: Techniques To Help You Do More

Treat your eggs well and you’ll receive the reward of a velvety custard and smooth ice cream. See Cook's Country's step-by-step tips for tempering eggs.

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Canning tips to help you can like a professional at CHEFScatalog.com

Today’s Canning, Part 2

There’s a wide variety of foods that can be canned, each, however, requires a slightly different process. See tips.

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Today's canning is easier and safer. See the details at CHEFScatalog.com

Today's Canning

Canning is a simple process and can easily be learned by those who haven’t tried it.

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Shrimp is On The Menu at CHEFScatalog.com

On The Menu: Shrimp

From shrimp cocktail to grilled shrimp tacos and shrimp scampi, there are many ways to cook this seafood favorite.

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Make Your Own Pasta? Why not? See CHEFS Mix Blog at CHEFScatalog.com


Homemade pasta is less expensive than store-bought—especially if you purchase alternative noodles like rice flour pasta or spelt pasta.

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So You Think You Know Flour? Learn more at CHEFScatalog.com

A Bouquet of Flours

The type of flour you use will depend on what you’re making—some flours work better than others.

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Cooking for a Crowd on CHEFS Mix Blog

Breakfast for a Crowd

Having friends and family stay over is a wonderful idea. But when everyone rises and shines in the morning, you may need these tips for cooking for a crowd.

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