Delicious Fried Taste—From the Oven!

May 3, 2013

I love fried foods.

However, lately my wife has been after me to eat healthier. Cut down on my sugar intake, red meat, and reduce the amount of fried food in my diet. I was okay with the sugar and red meat requests because, well, OK, I have looked in the mirror recently, right?

But my fried foods too? That seemed cruel and unusual.

CHEFS French fry baking sheet at CHEFScatalog.comWell, have I got good news for you if you, too, love fried foods. CHEFS French fry pan has holes—technically perforations—in the bottom that allow heat to circulate around food for all-over browning, with no need to turn foods. Ridges on this pan elevate your food, ensuring a deliciously-light crispy texture. And best yet? No oil needed! This nonstick pan is clever and well-designed.

You can bake frozen or freshly-prepared breaded appetizers, fish fillets, shrimp tempura, chicken tenders, or wings. If you’re using something drippy, consider placing another shallow baking pan on the shelf under the French fry baking sheet just in case drippage occurs—but don’t set the baking sheet on the other pan or you’ll reduce the effect of the perforations.

My test bake

Last night I fixed breaded fish fillets—garlic and herb—and French fries. The fillets came out better than ever, with a light, but crispy, exterior and juicy inside and the fries were amazingly crisp. I fixed the normal amount of fish my wife and I eat. As she was tearing into her portion, she glanced up:

“Is there more fish?”

“Um, no,” I said, noting the disappointed look on her face. “But, there will be next time.”

We can’t wait to try the baking sheet on homemade potato chips (healthy potato chips?) or a frozen pizza. I also imagine using it to roast vegetables—without having to turn each individual piece. Oven-fried chicken would be awesome in this baking sheet. Be aware that the dark steel absorbs heat, thereby shortening the time needed to cook.

The nonstick finish is another “makes me happy” feature. The fillets released without sticking and the pan was a simple soap and warm water cleanup—no dishwasher needed. End chute slides food directly onto a platter for serving. Wide rim with nonslip grips allows safe transport. The baking sheet is oven safe to 500 F.

I can hardly wait to try it again—what could I fix tonight?

CHEFS signature collection of professional-grade cookware, kitchen tools, bakeware, dinnerware, and more, is available only at CHEFS Catalog. The selection is great—and expanding. Each piece is crafted and tested to delight the most discerning cook.

Other features you’ll love

  • Bake healthy homemade potato chips or seasoned croutons
  • Roast nuts, vegetables, or squash seeds without turning
  • Nonstick-coated steel allows quick release and easy cleanup
  • Wide rim with nonslip grips to transport safely
  • CHEFS signature professional-grade cookware, tools, bakeware and serveware are meticulously crafted and tested, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance in the kitchen

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Your turn: What favorite fried food will you try first in this pan?

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  • Ane Mulligan

    Okay, now I've got to get one!! What a super idea. We love sweet potato fries, but on a normal pan in the oven ... not so much. This is a must have. And I'll be telling my son about this blog. He owns a catering business.

  • Michael

    I didn't think about sweet potato fries, but that would be a great idea. Adding to my list!

  • Stan

    Sounds like a wonderful item that should be in every kitchen. Thanks for telling us about it!

  • Ane Mulligan

    I tried the baking sheet tonight with frozen battered fish. I shortened the time by 2 minutes, and they came out perfect! They were crispy and didn't need turning. Thanks for the tip on these pans, Mike!

  • Ane Mulligan

    Finally tried the pan tonight. I know, I'm late. But it was great! I used it on Gorton's battered fish, and they came out crispy. I remembered what you said about the timing, so I cut it by 2 minutes. Turned out perfect!

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