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January 21, 2014

My wife and I love coordinating products for our kitchen! We like finding the tools we need in colors or styles that match what we already have. I suspect many of you do, too.

Fresh Valley Vegetable Storage Canisters at CHEFScatalog.com That’s why, ever since we added the Fresh Valley Farms potato, onion, and garlic storage canisters to our kitchen, we’ve hoped someday there would be more matching pieces. The good news is, soon there will be!

This spring, CHEFS will expand the Fresh Valley Line to include countertop flour, sugar, brown sugar, and powdered sugar canisters—each with lids that have silicone seals to lock out moisture. Plus, the flour, sugar, and brown sugar canisters include measuring scoops, while the powdered sugar comes with a sifter.

But that’s not all. There will also be a Fresh Valley Tool Crock and two different sizes of stoneware baking dishes. In addition, there are other coordinating products not labeled Fresh Valley, but which certainly complement those pieces—and your kitchen.

Announcing a Fresh Valley Contest

Fresh Valley Canisters at CHEFScatalog.com But, here’s the good news: You can win them all! The original potato, onion, and garlic keepers, plus the flour, sugar, brown sugar, and powdered sugar canisters, the tool crock, and both baking pans. How? Easy-peasy. Just send an email to CHEFSmix@chefscatalog.com and let us know, as creatively as possible, why you should win the whole shebang of Fresh Valley products. Put “Fresh Valley Contest” in the subject heading. Our highly qualified panel of experts will review each entry and choose the winner. Enter by 5 p.m. MTN time, Friday, January 24. We'll announce the winner on Monday, Jan. 27, and will post a few of the best entries.

What? You already have the potato, onion, and garlic keepers? Well, if you win the set, feel free to re-gift those pieces to your best friend or a close family member. Sharing is a virtue, after all.

 If you enter, we won’t harvest your email address for our mailing lists. But, if you want to join our mailing list and receive product updates, recipes, notices of sales, etc., you can do that here. (Not required to enter or to win.)

The Fresh Valley products were inspired by handmade crocks of the late 1800s and have been very popular since introduced in 2012.


Product details

  • Potato canister: 9-inch diameter and 9-3/4-inches high. It holds approximately five pounds of potatoes depending upon the size of the produce and is ventilated to allow for the proper air circulation.
  • CHEFS Fresh Valley Bakers at CHEFScatalog.com Onion canister: 7-3/4-inch diameter and 8-1/2-inches high. Holds three pounds of onions and is ventilated.
  • Garlic canister: 5-3/4-inch diameter and 6-3/4-inches high. Holds lots of garlic—lots—and is ventilated.
  • Flour canister: Silicone sealed to keep out moisture and 9-1/4-inches high. Holds 10 pounds of flour.
  • Sugar canister: Silicone sealed and 9-1/4-inches high. Holds 10 pounds of sugar.
  • Brown sugar canister: Silicone sealed and 7-1/2-inches high. Holds 2 pounds.
  • Powdered sugar canister: Silicone sealed and 7-1/2-inches high. Holds 1-3/4 pounds.
  • Tool crock: Oversized at 8-inch diameter and 7-inches high with a tri-section divider and silicone base liner to keep tools organized.
  • Bakers: Glazed stoneware, oven-safe to 425 F. Two sizes: 9 3/4 x 7 1/2 x 2 1/4 and 13 3/4 x 9 3/4 x 3 3/4.
  • Potato, Onion, and Garlic canisters available as a set or individually.
  • Flour, Sugar, Brown Sugar, and Powdered Sugar canisters available as a set or individually.

Other compatible products

While not strictly a part of the Fresh Valley lines, these items carry on the tradition with their rustic Americana good looks and the CHEFS commitment to quality and durability. (They are not part of the prize, however.) Plus, they coordinate with the Fresh Valley line in visually appealing ways:

CHEFS Kitchen Towels at CHEFScatalog.com CHEFS Kitchen Towels: These tight-knit kitchen towels, in beautiful coordinating weaves and patterns, are characteristic of early American dishtowels. Their warm natural hues, high-density weaves, and coordinating patterns (twill, waffle weave, pearl, and mini basketweave) provide outstanding absorption to dry delicate stemware and bakeware, but have the durability to dry heavyweight cast-iron. These 100 percent cotton towels are perfect to cover bread dough, line a bread basket, or steady a mixing bowl or cutting board on a countertop.


CHEFS Composite Cooking Utensil Set at CHEFScatalog.com CHEFS Composite Cooking Utensil Set: These nonporous kitchen utensils (in red or blue) will not harbor bacteria, and have the heft and heat-safe versatility to handle heavy batters or hot sauces. These utensils will not scratch nonstick or stainless steel cookware. They look and feel like wood, but will not splinter, chip, crack, or retain flavors of foods.


CHEFS Olive Wood Tools Set at CHEFScatalog.com CHEFS Olive Wood Tool Set: These smooth, richly-grained kitchen cooking utensils are preferred for their long-life durability, versatility, and beauty. With the strikingly rich grain, CHEFS olive wood tools are attractive serving utensils on the table. Safe for nonstick cookware, substantial, heat-safe wood stirs ingredients right in the pan. Durable and will not scratch porcelain, ceramic, or enamel interiors.



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