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On The Menu: Southwestern Egg Rolls and Other Appetizers at CHEFScatalog.com
January 20, 2014

Featured Recipe: Southwestern Egg Rolls with Avocado Dippling Sauce
Whether you’re planning a big dinner party, a cocktail soiree, or a Super Bowl party, appetizers are a must. They calm guests’ hunger until the real meal is ready and pair well with cocktails because they’re not as heavy as a traditional dish. The key is knowing what types of appetizers to serve at your party and how many to make so that every guest at your bash has enough. Take the stress out of planning your big event with these simple tips:

Are you planning a meal?

The number of appetizers you prepare depends on whether you will also serve a full meal during the event. If dinner will take place soon after the appetizers, plan four to five starters for each guest. If the meal isn’t until later, increase that to six to seven appetizers. Finally, if there will be no dinner, about nine per guest is the appropriate amount.

Serve a variety

You may love dates stuffed with goat cheese, but it’s important to offer a variety to please the palates of your guests. With a cocktail party of 50 or more, consider preparing about eight different appetizers. If it’s a smaller gathering of 20 guests or so, opt for fewer, say, four or five.

Pick your favorites

Serve a few appetizers you know are sure to be a hit. You’ve made them before and you know the recipe like the back of your hand. But, also experiment with some new options. After all, big rewards come from big risks.

Choose a theme
A theme will make it easier to narrow down your appetizer choices. For example, throw a southwestern party and feature foods from that region. Southwestern eggrolls have a nuance of flavors. Keep the motif going with mini tostadas, jalapeno poppers, Baja fish tacos, and pineapple-mango margaritas. As an added bonus: If you adhere to a specific theme, you can be sure your flavors will work well together.


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  Southwestern Egg Roll Recipe at CHEFScatalog.com
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