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About BroilKing®/Cadco

The people dining on foie gras, canapés, and spring rolls at the annual fund-raiser rarely ask about the buffet servers and warming trays that keep their foods deliciously hot. But no doubt BroilKing, an international leader in commercial-quality cooking and serving appliances, makes these catering and entertaining essentials.

The Bronx, New York, is home to the original BroilKing Corporation manufacturer that produced small electric broilers and cooker fryers using the "Crown" brand name. After its 1964 debut, the company over the years acquired several appliance manufacturers and product lines including the forty-year-old BroilKing brand of broilers and rotisseries.

In 1999, Cadco, Ltd., a leader in commercial foodservice equipment, acquired the cooking and serving appliance company and changed the name to BroilKing Corp. Today's BroilKing Corp. products include an assortment of convection ovens, buffet ranges, tabletop warming trays, griddles, and more.

BroilKing's parent corporation, Cadco, Ltd., specializes in countertop convection and combination ovens. A few BroilKing and Cadco professional-grade items are imported from Europe, but most are manufactured at their Winsted headquarters in northwest Connecticut.


About BroilKing®/Cadco Products

Cater to the crowds or just your seemingly always-hungry family. With decades of producing fine-quality cooking and serving appliances for both the restaurant and home chef, BroilKing/Cadco are the obvious choice when it comes to entertaining dozens, or small gatherings even teens with their posse of friends.

To meet the demands for professional appliances in the home kitchen, the company in 1999 introduced the BroilKing Professional brand. BroilKing Professional models products after heavy-duty equipment used in the world's finest restaurants and hotels. chefs offers mainly the professional brand of BroilKing/Cadco products.

BroilKing/Cadco products feature high-quality stainless steel, double-glass safety doors, and cool-touch knobs and handles.

Popular brand items include:

· Buffet Servers
· Warming Trays
· Griddles
· Burners
· Ranges
· Countertop Convention Ovens
· Commercial Steamers
· Baking Trays

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