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Chicago Metallic

About Chicago Metallic

Two years before the 20th century dawned, a Chicago area bakeware company opened for business. The 1898 Spanish-America War may have overshadowed news of the Chicago Metallic founding that year, but in the century to come the bakeware supplier prospered to make headline news. Today Chicago Metallic is the oldest manufacturer still producing commercial metal bakeware in the United States.

Pie plates for the wholesale trade dominated Chicago Metallic's early product line. Over time the bakeware company expanded into a variety of bakeware for both the professional and home baker. From juicy meatloaf and roasted chicken breasts to moist mini muffins and melted chocolate cake, Chicago Metallic pans present perfectly baked, delectable foods hot from the oven.

For decades commercial bakers relied on the unfailing quality and long-lasting durability of Chicago Metallic pans, now home bakers can, too. As the industry leader offering professional and commercial bakeware to the home baker, Chicago Metallic introduced the Checkerboard Cake Pan in the 1930s. This fun cake pan is still enjoyed by bakers worldwide.

Continuing with its long tradition of excellence, Chicago Metallic was the first manufacturer to translate trends in the food industry into bakeware for consumers. Chicago Metallic used its expertise to develop healthier products for home bakers. When tastier, nutritional muffins became a craze, Chicago Metallic introduced the 24-cup Mini Muffin Pan, Giant Muffin, Muffin Top Pan®, and Crown Muffin/Popover pans to name a few. The company's other nutrition-conscious products include the Lo-Fat Nonstick Meatloaf Set, Lo-Fat Nonstick Broiler Pans, and the Baked Tortilla/Taco Shell Pan.

Test kitchen chefs and food columnists from noted publications such as Bon Appetit and The New York Times continually give rave reviews of Chicago Metallic products. Chicago Metallic's unequaled reputation for superior quality and innovation make this historic company the best bakeware for home bakers who prefer the professional edge.


About Chicago Metallic Products

Chicago Metallic Professional· Lifetime Nonstick bakeware is exceptionally durable, dishwasher-safe, and ten times tougher than ordinary nonstick pans. The superior nonstick coating is guaranteed to last as long as the pans. Features and benefits of this unsurpassed bakeware include:

Heavyweight Aluminized Steel

· Commercial quality steel construction
· Long-lasting durability
· Excellent heat conduction
· Eliminates rust and corrosion

Ifalon® Lifetime Resist Plus Finish

· Premium double coil-coated finish exclusive to Chicago Metallic
· Abrasion resistant-wears 10 times longer than ordinary nonstick pans
· Won't chip or peel
· Withstands temperatures up to 550°F
· Easy cleanup
· Dishwasher safe

Folded Construction

· Featured on rectangular, loaf, and square pans
· Increases pan's strength
· Resists warping

Reinforced Lip

· Featured on all folded and rectangular pans
· Eliminates popping, bending, and flexing
· Improves pan's durability

Best Buy Rating Recipient:* "This outstanding Cookie Sheet (Professional 16-in. x 14-in, aluminized steel, nonstick) is treated with a high-quality nonstick finish. The sheets are heavy and will never warp; they clean quickly and effortlessly. They give cookies such as gingersnaps and oatmeal-raisin terrific texture and color."
-Consumers Digest
*Best Buy rating is awarded to fewer than 3 percent of models in any given category for having exceptional value in today's highly competitive marketplace.

"Chicago Metallic's Professional Lifetime Nonstick Low-Fat Meat Loaf pan is a joy to use and clean. The insert removed the fat, but the meat stayed moist. The smooth surface lets you slide the loaf directly onto a platter, with no sticking or breaking. After cooking a meat loaf, I cleaned the pan and baked a pound cake in it for dessert."
-Cooking Pleasures
Kitchen Tested rating: 8.8/10 rating on performance, ease of use and ease of cleaning

"Whether you're kneading a baguette or a sandwich loaf, make your life easier by buying sturdy plans with rolled edges and smooth interiors like the Professional Nonstick Loaf Pan from Chicago Metallic. The dark metal pan is great for producing a deeply browned crust."
-Bon Appetit

Cooking Tips

· Place pan in upper third of oven.
· Bake at 25°F lower than a recipe's recommended setting.
· Dark non-stick color absorbs more heat than lighter pans and bakes the bottoms of food more quickly.
· Ideal for crispier crusts; superior performance in roasting and broiling applications.

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