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GelPro Story

The inspiration for GelPro's anti-fatigue mats began one Thanksgiving, when founder Rob McMahan, an engineer by trade, noticed his wife Lisa shuffling her feet from side-to-side on the cold hardwood floor. After standing in the kitchen for nearly six hours, she felt a sharp pain inching up her lower back until finally, it became unbearable.

Inspired to find relief for his wife's unrelenting pain, McMahan began working on an idea that would revolutionize kitchen workspaces—a gel-filled mat that bounces back to provide continuous support and therapeutic relief. It took countless hours and hundreds of prototypes to get it right, but McMahan succeeded. Within three years, his company, Let's Gel, was up and running and selling floor mats like hotcakes.

Since 2005, Let's Gel, Inc. has sold more than one million floor mats. GelPro is now the most recognized ergonomic floor mat brand in the U.S. Based in Austin, Texas, the company manufactures their products in nearby Waco and Leander, Texas.


About GelPro Products

GelPro mats are the original, gel-filled, anti-fatigue floor mats designed for comfort in standing

The resilient, shock-absorbing gel helps reduce the strain of standing for long periods of time while doing prep work or cooking over a stovetop

Raised patterns create a non-slip surface for standing and walking

Beveled edges enhance walking safety and enable smooth passage of rolling carts

Antimicrobial bottom surface resists mold and mildew and prevents the mat from sliding

Natural Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) certified

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