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About Lodge

Some folks in the riverbank hamlet of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, questioned their fellow villager Joseph Lodge. Would Joseph's cast-iron foundry make a go of it? Why even President McKinley would take to the dandy crispy-crusted cornbread cooked up in Joseph's special cookware, but could Joseph really make a livin' producing frying pans, Dutch ovens, and tea kettles?

Yep. And at Lodge Manufacturing Company nestled along the Cumberland Plateau of the Appalachian Mountains, Joseph's great grandchildren are still producing the world's finest cast-iron cookware in the world. Professional chefs and home gourmets across the globe tip their toques to Mr. Lodge's extraordinary cooking invention from an ordinary small town.

Although the original Lodge cast-iron foundry opened in 1896, the Lodge family operates the business today with high-tech equipment and the super high-grade materials. People in the tiny community of roughly 3,300 are just as proud of their cast-iron facility as they are the tender pan-fried chicken, slow-simmering stews, and thick golden pizzas that Lodge cookware serves up everywhere.

Lodge produces the most extensive line of cast-iron cookware on the marketskillets, grill pans, Dutch ovens, fry pans, biscuit pans, and more. Even the finest stainless-steel or aluminum cookware cannot compare to Lodge cookware's even heating, heat retention, durability, and cooking performance. Plus, Lodge cookware will last more than a lifetime. Joseph Lodge had the right idea after all.


About Lodge Products

Four generations of perfecting Lodge cookware results in the world's finest cast-iron essentials for professional chefs, home gourmets, and campfire cooks alike. The patented metal formula, precision molds, superior wall thickness, and preseasoned coating make Lodge the unsurpassed leader in cast-iron cookware. Non-stick Lodge products easily fry, sauté, grill, sear, roast, bake, simmer, and stew foods to mouthwatering perfection.

Patented metal formula Lodge's proprietary metals are melted in electric induction furnaces. Every pour is tested for more than twenty elements to meet strict quality standards. More than a century of perfecting the ultimate metal chemistry ensures each Lodge piece delivers even heating and superb cooking performance.

Exact mold standards Every molding line pour is meticulously controlled and measured for precise mold tolerances. The natural sand mold surface is designed to better sustain the preseasoned finish.

Pre-seasoned coating Cast-iron traditionally involves countless cooking until the finish burnishes to a black patina. Lodge now takes the hassle out of seasoning cookware. Lodge Logic electrostatically coats cookware with a pure vegetable oil and cures each piece at high temperatures ensuring the oil deeply penetrates the cast-iron surface.

Precision-fit covers The best in cast-iron cookware is topped with superior-fit covers with ovenproof handles. Lodge covers are designed to seal in liquids so foods retain their natural moisture and nutrients.

Lodge Logic

The Lodge team perfected foundry seasoning with Lodge Logic cookware. A patented oil coating process eliminates the need for first-time home seasoning of each cast-iron piece. Lodge Logic pre-seasoned cookware maintains the company's legendary cooking performance without laboring for cast-iron's prized black patina. Lodge Logic ensures even heating, superior heat retention, and a non-stick finish all favorite cast-iron qualities of professional and home chefs everywhere.

Lodge Pro-Logic

Add elegant rolled edges and graceful curves to traditional Lodge cookware and the new high-performing design is called Lodge Pro-Logic. Each piece in the contemporary Pro-Logic line features the preseasoned oil-fired finish. Straight from the box to your stovetop or oven, Pro-Logic cookware offers Lodge's same celebrated cooking performance with an added touch of refined style.

Use and Care

Using Lodge Logic and Lodge Pro-Logic Cookware

New preseasoned Lodge Logic and Lodge Pro-Logic cookware are ready to use right out of the box. To help ensure the life-long durability of each new piece:

1. Simply rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly. Do not use soap.
2. Before cooking, coat the cooking surface with oil or cooking spray.
3. Avoid placing cold cookware onto a very hot burner.

Caring for Lodge Logic and Lodge Pro-Logic Cookware

Lodge cast-iron cookware will last longer than a lifetime if properly cared for with a few maintenance tips.

· After each cooking use, clean the cookware with hot water and a stiff brush. Avoid harsh detergents that can remove the seasoning. Do not place a hot utensil in cold water. Thermal shock can cause the cast-iron to crack or warp.
· Immediately towel dry the cookware thoroughly, and while still warm, lightly coat all surfaces with oil or cooking spray.
· Never wash cast-iron cookware in a dishwasher.
· Store cookware in a cool, dry place. To allow air to circulate, place a folded paper towel between the lids and the pot and pans.
· At the first sign of rust or a metallic taste, simply scrub off the rust and wash the cookware with mild soap and hot water. Dry the piece thoroughly and re-season according to the home seasoning instructions.

Home Seasoning Lodge Cast-Iron Cookware

New pieces of Lodge original finish cast-iron cookware need to be seasoned before first use. Seasoning involves coating all cookware surfaces with oil and then baking the oil coating onto the cookware for a natural non-stick finish. Also re-season cookware following these steps.

1. Wash cookware inside and out with hot water, mild soap, and a stiff brush.
2. Rinse and towel dry completely.
3. Coat all surfaces of the cookware with a thin layer of melted solid vegetable shortening. Be sure to coat both inside and outside the cookware and include any lids.
4. Lower oven racks to the two bottom positions and line the lowest rack with aluminum foil to catch drippings. Place cookware upside down on the upper oven rack and bake for one hour at 350º. Turn oven off and allow cookware to cool before removing from oven.
5. If the cookware is too large to season in an oven, use an outdoor grill. For charcoal grills, light the charcoal and place the oiled utensil on the grilling surface and close the top of the grill. Leave the cookware inside until the coals burn out. For gas grills, set the temperature between 400º and 500º and place the oiled cookware on the grilling surface. Close the grill's lid and leave the cookware inside for at least two hours.
6. After seasoning, original finish cast-iron cookware will look light brown. Repeating the seasoning process will turn the finish even darker. Over time, cooking with and oiling the cookware will season the finish to a shiny, black patina. Original cast-iron cookware just keeps getting better as it seasons with every use.

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