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About OXO

OXO, whose name was chosen by founder Sam Farber because it reads the same backward, forward and upside-down, began with his two simple questions: Why do ordinary kitchen tools hurt your hands? Why can’t there be wonderfully comfortable tools that are easy to use?

Sam, who had recently retired as the founder of a successful housewares company, first questioned the effectiveness of kitchen gadgets in response to his wife’s difficulty in gripping ordinary kitchen tools because of arthritis in her hands. Seeing an opportunity to help not only people with arthritis but also to create more comfortable kitchen tools for everyone, Sam came out of retirement and approached the design firm Smart Design with that challenge.

In 1990, after hundreds of models, dozens of design versions and extensive manufacturing research – – including consultation with a leading gerontologist – – the first group of 15 OXO Good Grips kitchen tools was introduced to the U.S. market. These ergonomically designed, transgenerational tools set a new standard for the industry and raised the bar of consumer expectation for comfort and performance.

The OXO line has now grown to over 500 innovative products, including OXO stainless mandolins and colanders, the OXO SteeL collection and Good Grips silicone utensils. The OXO Good Grips line has been recognized by several national and international organizations for superior design and is regarded as one of the icons of Universal Design. OXO was purchased in 1999 by World Kitchen, Inc., based in Reston, Virginia, and again in 2004 by Helen of Troy Limited. OXO continues to be focused on creating innovative solutions for problems that users experience in their everyday tasks.


About OXO Products

The award-winning OXO Good Grips and Good Grips silicone and Oxo SteeL lines are renowned for providing comfort, flexibility and durability while doing everyday tasks like eliminating grease spatter, turning pancakes and shredding cheese.

OXO Good Grips i-Series – Products feature precision ground, extra-hardened stainless-steel blades, sturdy die cast zinc construction and nonslip handles with extra comfortable cushion in the grip areas.

OXO SteeL – Sleek elegance meets soft comfort in the OXO SteeL line of kitchen and household tools. These tools feature brushed stainless-steel handles for strength and durability and the trademark flexible fins for ultimate comfort. Dishwasher-safe.

OXO silicone – Utensils crafted of brushed stainless-steel, and heat-resistant silicone. Soft, nonslip Good Grip handles. Safe for nonstick cookware. Dishwasher-safe.

Since 1990, OXO has produced comfortable, innovative housewares designed with you in mind. OXO is so committed to creating products that meet needs in all categories, they’ve been known to pull the man on the street into their offices to do hands-on research.

Every year OXO introduces 50 products, which have gone through rigorous testing and development, sometimes taking up to two years. Some products never even make it to market because they fail to meet OXO’s high standards. Using the concept of Universal Design—the idea that products should be usable by the greatest number of people possible—OXO is constantly refining and enhancing existing products based on the needs of consumers.

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