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Swiss Diamond

About Swiss Diamond

Swiss Diamond International is a privately held company with headquarters in Sierre, a small town nestled in the Swiss Alps. Family-run and operated with a devoted, highly skilled workforce since the late 1980s, Swiss Diamond is a leader in producing fine cookware worldwide.

In 2000, the innovators at Swiss Diamond cookware developed the revolutionary nonstick coating technique, combining nano-composite technology with diamond crystals, which makes Swiss Diamond nonstick pans virtually indestructible and the most durable cookware in any kitchen.


About Swiss Diamond Products

The patented diamond coating of Swiss Diamond cookware makes each pan virtually indestructible. Thousands of diamond crystals combined in the Swiss Diamond nonstick nano-composite forms an incredibly durable cooking surface that is superior to all other nonstick cookware. Why diamonds? Diamonds are the hardest material known to man, have the best thermal conductivity of all materials, and are naturally slippery, giving them nonstick and self-release properties.

Each Swiss Diamond pan is crafted with minute diamond crystal particles to create a nonstick cooking surface that will not crack, blister or peel. Thick die-cast aluminum construction of the Swiss Diamond fry pans offers quick, even heating and prevents hot spots and warping over a lifetime of use. The nonstick cooking surface ensures hassle-free food release and quick clean-up.

Designed with extra long stay-cool handles, the pans are oven-safe up to 500 F, and their ergonomic design prevents wrist and arm fatigue. Each pan's perfectly flat base is ideal for ceramic, gas, electric, halogen and induction cook tops. Metal utensils will not harm the dishwasher-safe pans so cooks no longer need to use wooden utensils, which may harbor bacteria. Heat tempered glass lids feature easy-open vents and stainless-steel metal rims.

The Swiss Diamond fry pans and Swiss Diamond wok are the perfect choice for small meals and searing, braising and frying eggs, meats and vegetables. Sauces, soups and gravies are a snap with the medium-sized sauce pan. The high-sided Swiss Diamond sauté pans are ideal for making sauces and sautéing and warming foods. The depth of the sauté pans makes it easy to flip and shake foods while cooking. The deep stock pot with two side handles is designed for slow simmering for stock, soups, pastas, vegetables and lobsters.

And Swiss Diamond nonstick cookware is made without PFOA, a chemical used in the production of PTFE nonstick surfaces, which has been found to be a health hazard. Swiss Diamond exceeds the standards required by the United States EPA and all European health authorities.

Swiss Diamond cookware is the winner of the coveted International Inventors Gold Award.

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