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About Waring®

Fred Waring, who became famous leading the big band Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians, was always fascinated by gadgets. And while Fred Osius actually came up with the original blender design, Fred Waring had the financing and name recognition that thrust the Waring blenders into the marketplace. In 1937, the Waring-owned Miracle Mixer blender was introduced to the public at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago retailing for $29.75. In 1938, Fred Waring renamed his Miracle Mixer Corporation as the Waring Corporation, and the mixer's name was changed to the Waring Blender.

Fred Waring went on a one-man marketing campaign that began with hotels and restaurants he visited while touring with his band, and later spread to upscale stores such as Bloomingdale's and B. Altman's. Waring once touted the Blender to a St. Louis reporter saying, "this mixer is going to revolutionize American drinks." And it did.

The Waring Blender became an important tool in hospitals for the implementation of specific diets, as well as a vital scientific research device. Dr. Jonas Salk used it while developing the vaccine for polio. In 1954, the millionth Waring Blender was sold, and it is still as popular today.

Since it's humble but colorful beginnings, Waring Products, Inc., which was acquired by Conair in 1998, has led the industry in design and manufacture of products from blenders to toasters, bar tools and grinders, providing quality appliances that make entertaining a delight.


About Waring® Products

Since the introduction of the Miracle Mixer in 1937, Waring has been a trusted name and leading innovator in commercial and home appliances. Seventy years later, whatever your cooking needs, Waring can meet them with style and quality.

The Waring Pro® line of blenders crush ice fast, at both high and low speeds. They are great for blending frozen fruits, slushes, drinks and more. The stainless-steel blades cut swiftly through solids and liquids and will whip, mix, chop, purée or liquefy in seconds. And while these professional-grade blenders work hard, they also come in a wide range of styles and colors to match any kitchen décor.

Got a turkey roasting in your oven but need to bake a pie? Waring Pro convection ovens are a fabulous addition to your kitchenware repertoire. These sleek, brushed stainless-steel ovens work as hard as your conventional oven. They broil, roast, convection bake and rotisserie. And while they fit easily on your countertop, both the CO900 and CO1500 are big enough to hold roasts, pizzas, pies, bread and large casseroles.

Having friends and family over for Sunday brunch was never easier with Waring's line of products designed to make breakfast a breeze. The professional-quality waffle maker with rotary feature and browning control knob allows you to make restaurant-perfect Belgian waffles just waiting to be crowned with your favorite toppings. And if a little toast and coffee is more to your taste, the Waring Professional toaster features four extra-wide slots so you can toast bread, English muffins, bagels and even Texas toast.

For the more serious cook, Waring's small-but-powerful Pro Prep Food Processor available only to restaurants and CHEFS Catalog chops and grinds a wide range of foods, from herbs to hard cheeses. The Waring Pro Meat Grinder, with 450-watt power and an extra-large hopper allows your to process your own ground meat and sausage products while the Ice Crusher allows you to crush up to 50 pounds of ice in an hour perfect for blended drinks or keeping other dishes cold on the buffet table. And if deep-fried foods are on the menu, the Waring Professional Deep Fryer provides splatter-free, cool-touch frying for entrees and side dishes that taste just like you were dining in a pricey restaurant.

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