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About Henckels

For nearly three hundred years, the Henckels cutlery brand has stood as the world's symbol for legendary quality and function. German knife-maker Peter Henckels registered his "twin" trademark with the Cutlers' Guild of Solingen in 1731. The following year, George Washington was born in America. The world has certainly changed since these noteworthy events, but the Henckels company's commitment to customer satisfaction and producing superior products still flourishes three centuries later.

A descendant of founder Peter Henckels, Johann Abraham Henckels, lent his initials to the advancing company. Steeped in 275 years of tradition and innovative success, Henckels is today's most exclusive, best-performing kitchen cutlery in the world. Headquartered in Solingen, Germany, Henckels oversees subsidiaries around the globe and is sold in more than 100 countries.

Balance, performance, and durability make Henckels' hand-honed knives the favorites of top chefs throughout the world. Laser monitoring ensures that each blade is honed to the optimum cutting angle and honing is consistent from tip to bolster. The high-carbon, no-stain steel blades go through a special ice-hardening process, making them remarkably durable and corrosion-resistant, and the tangs are triple-riveted or permanently bonded to the handles.

Henckels History Highlights

· First manufacturer of stainless steel blades
· Produced world's first multi-purpose kitchen shears
· Inventor of Friodur®, ice-hardening process
· Introduced Four Star-world's first forged knife with molded handle
· Produced TWIN Pro "S"-world's first traditional knife with enlarged bolster
· First launched Santoku knife and serrated utility knife in the U.S. market
· Introduced first "hybrid" forged knife with horizontal tang


About Henckels Products

Henckels set the world standard for both exceptional function and refined style in cutlery. As a leading producer of superior quality knives, Henckels ensures precision construction and forging through several innovative techniques.

Exclusive High Carbon, No-Stain Steel Henckels extensively researched the optimum alloy to resist corrosion and improve hardness. The company's "special formula" has perfected stainless-steel for the cutlery industry.

Sigmaforge® is an exclusive one-piece construction of knives that ensures higher blade stability and lasting sharpness. Sigmaforge results in perfect geometry, improved cutting-edge retention, and less metal fatigue. Knives manufactured by this standard include: TWIN® Four Star II, TWIN® Five Star, TWIN® Select, Four Star®, and TWIN® Pro S.

Friodur® is a special ice-hardening technique that improves maximum blade strength and no-stain properties. A fine finish is also applied to the top-grade stainless-steel.

Perma Edge Technology ensures long-lasting sharpness and precision cutting of both hard and soft foods with equal ease.

Henckels Blade & Handle Construction

For optimum blade and handle care, Henckels knives are dishwasher-safe but hand-washing is recommended.


MIYABI knives are the result of a cooperation between ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS and Rokusaburo Michiba. He is one of Japan's best-known chefs, an expert in Japanese cooking who gained huge fame and stardom in a televised cooking series. He advised on which properties a traditional Japanese knife should maintain and where it could be modernized to accommodate western tastes.

7000 D 'Simply Beautiful' Blade: Beautiful Damascus design steel - 33 layers with a core of top quality CMV60 stainless steel, resulting in an outstanding hardness of approximately 60 Rockwell and an excellent sharpness.

Handle: The unique design gives the knife its perfect balance and weight. The handle is made from stainless steel and pakka wood, a multi-layered, resin-bound and tough wood. 5000 E 'Simply Practical' Blade: Henckels special formula steel with the optimum ratio of carbon, chromium and other components delivers the best possible combination of hardness (approximately 57 Rockwell), high elasticity and corrosion resistance.

Handle: The traditional Japanese handle design made from synthetic compound appeals by both great look and function.

TWIN® Pro "S"

Classical styling and innovative technology combine to form these top-quality, forged knives with full-length blades of solid steel and a full tang.

Blade: This high carbon, no-stain steel knife uses the unique Friodur ice-hardening process. These Sigmaforge knives have perfect geometry, improved cutting-edge retention, and less metal fatigue. As a result, blades stay sharper longer with a more consistent blade angle, and have improved resistance to corrosion and pitting.

Handle: Molded of breakproof, acid-resistant, colorfast Novodur, this handle features an ergonomic shape that accommodates individual hand conformations, increasing leverage and reducing fatigue. The handle is triple-riveted to the blade tang for strength and durability.

TWIN® Signature

The series features a classic, fully riveted handle with a full balance tang for a knife with traditional quality and value.

Blade: The high-carbon, no-stain steel blade is honed with a laser-controlled edge and Friodur ice hardened.

Handle: The seamless polypropylene handles are unbreakable and offer durability and a sure grip. The comfortable handle is bonded and triple-riveted to the full tang for optimum balance and control.

TWIN® Pure Kitchen Tools

TWIN Pure kitchen tools are versatile and efficient. The perfectly rounded handle with its seamless transition to the head part is a pleasure on the eye and in the hand. No matter which tool you are using you will always be in perfect control. TWIN Pure tools will establish themselves in your kitchen right after the first use. The perfect interplay of pure stainless steel, craftsmanship and design make these ergonomic kitchen tools so pleasantly practical. Together with the Italian architect and designer Matteo Thun ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS has created a masterpiece, TWIN PURE, that delights with its form and convinces with its function. A full range of essential cooking, preparing, and serving tools perform reliably so you can concentrate on the art of cooking.

Quality & Design: High quality 18/10 satin-finished, stainless steel, distinctive contoured design

Ergonomics: The round handle shape fits the hand perfectly and guarantees effortless work

Space-Saving: Integrated hanging loop – fits all racks, does not affect handling

Easy-Care: Dishwasher safe

Strong Function: Heat-resistant silicon (up to 572 degress F / 300 degress C)

Care and Maintenance

How Do You Use a Sharpening Steel?

A fine-quality knife is easy to sharpen when you use the Henckels Sharpening Steel or TWIN® Sharpener. Do not sharpen serrated knives with a steel or TWIN® Sharpener. If a serrated knife becomes dull, a professional should sharpen it.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Sharpening Steel must have a higher hardness factor than the knife to be sharpened. Since Henckels knives are made of the highest quality, ice-hardened steel, a J. A. Henckels Sharpening Steel is required to maintain a sharp cutting edge.

There are four easy steps to using a J. A. Henckels Sharpening Steel:
1. Hold sharpening steel point down on table or cutting board. (Figure 1)
2. Angle between blade and steel should be approximately 20 degrees. (Figure 2)
3. Pull knife down and across sharpening steel, in a slight arc. (Figure 3)
4. Repeat on the other side of the steel. (Figure 4)

Repeat steps 3 and 4 five to ten times, always alternating the right and left side of the cutting edge. NOTE: Speed is not important. It is most important to maintain the angle and to sharpen the full length of the cutting edge.

Sharpening Steel Care
· Store in dry place
· Clean knives before sharpening
· After use, wipe steel with dry cloth

What Is the Best Way to Store my Henckels Knives?

Proper Knife Storage Knives have to be stored in a safe place, protecting the cutting edge and guarding against injuries.

Wooden Block Knives The most popular and suitable storage system for fine knives. The counter-top slant block offers easy access and fits underneath kitchen cabinets. The size of the block varies with the number of knives to be stored. Most Henckels blocks also have a slot for kitchen shears.

Wooden In-Drawer Knife Trays Convenient and safe for the customer who wants the features of a knife block and wants to store knives in a drawer. J. A. Henckels In-drawer Knife Tray is designed to fit most kitchen drawers easily.

What Is the Best Way to Care for My Knives?

Care of Knives

· No metal is completely "stainless." Do not allow acidic foods (lemon, mustard, ketchup, etc.) to remain on the blade after use. This might cause some slight tarnishing. Should the blade show some signs of staining, use a non-abrasive metal polish for cleaning. (Same for stainless flatware)
· Do not put knives in the dishwasher. Banging against other cutlery or pots and pans will nick the edge. Also, high heat and detergent are not good for the handle.
· Instead wipe the knife clean in your sink with a wet cloth and dishwashing detergent. Dry immediately. Dry from the back of the knife to the edge.
· Do not cut through bone with knives (except cleavers). Do not use knives for poking, prying, separating, or cutting semi-frozen or frozen foods.
· Do not abuse knives as screwdrivers or can openers. This is not their designed purpose and may result in bending or breaking the blade or edge of the knife. The Henckels warranty does not cover abuse.

What Are the Best Cutting Surfaces?

Cutting Board and Surfaces

Cutting surfaces should be:
· Smooth
· Easy to clean
· "Give" on contact with knife edge

Henckels recommends surfaces that can be easily cleaned and kept hygienic:
· Wooden cutting boards
· High-quality polyethylene boards

REMEMBER: All cutlery boards should be cleaned thoroughly immediately after use to avoid harmful bacteria growth.

Avoid hard surfaces that can damage the knife:
· China
· Tile
· Formica
· Porcelain
· Stainless counter tops

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