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When only professional-quality cake pans, pie pans, cookie sheets, loaf pans and muffin pans will do, CHEFS’ customers know that Chicago Metallic always delivers. For something fun and different, use the Chicago Metallic mini pie pan to make individual fruit pies, tarts or pot pies quickly and easily or the innovative Chicago Metallic lasagna pan that bakes up to 3 different recipes in one pan. Chicago Metallic products for home bakers offer the same quality, durability and performance that commercial bakers have enjoyed for over a century – no wonder they’re perennial best sellers.

Chicago Metallic Story

Two years before the 20th century dawned, a Chicago area bakeware company opened for business. The 1898 Spanish-America War may have overshadowed news of the Chicago Metallic founding that year, but in the century to come the bakeware supplier prospered to make headline news.

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Chicago Metallic Professional· Lifetime Nonstick bakeware is exceptionally durable, dishwasher-safe, and ten times tougher than ordinary nonstick pans. The superior nonstick coating is guaranteed to last as long as the pans. Features and benefits of this unsurpassed bakeware include:

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