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John Boos & Co. is the oldest and most successful manufacturer of professional butcher blocks, cutting boards, kitchen carts, and prep tables in the U.S.A. For more than 100 years, they have manufactured products for restaurants, butchers, the military, and even the White House. Their cutting boards are available in both end-grain and edge-grain construction for unparalleled durability and come in more than three dozen shapes and sizes.

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John Boos Story
Founded in 1887 by Conrad Boos Sr. in Effingham, Illinois, and named for his son John, Boos & Co. began as a company that manufactured wood blocks for blacksmiths. When a visiting butcher saw Boos' wooden block, he realized it could prove useful at meat market for chopping cuts of meat without damaging his knives or other work surfaces. Plus, the thick slab of hardwood naturally absorbed the shock of the butcher's knives in the same way it had the blacksmiths' hammers.  More About John Boos

About John Boos Products
Crafted to meet the exacting standards of professional chefs worldwide, John Boos cutting boards are designed to endure the rigors of busy restaurant kitchens. Each board is generously proportioned, allowing ample room for chopping mounds of vegetables, slicing extra-large cuts of meat, and de-boning poultry.  More About John Boos Products
Recent Reviews

Great Addition To A Man'S Kitchen
1/13/2015 - IndyMike
Indianapolis, IN, USA
Good product to protect a cutting board, also a decent hand cream in winter.  Boos Block Board Cream

My Henkel Knives Are Happy!
1/12/2015 - Theresa1234
maine and Gulfport, mississippi
Plastic cutting boards are good for meat but this cherry wood cutting board is saving my Henkel knives for life!  John Boos Cherry Wood Cutting Board
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