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Small specialty plates and bowls from Libbey hold just a bite or two of food, ideal for a tapas party or for sampling an array of appetizers. Our Libbey Food Storage Containers, made from durable tempered glass, are an excellent choice to serve and store everything from casseroles to condiments. Libbey, best known for its glass tableware and stemware, is also a leading maker of high quality bakeware, serving dishes, food storage systems, dinnerware and flatware for retail, foodservice, industrial and business-to-business customers in over 100 countries.

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Recent Reviews

11/20/2014 - Merrynote
Overgaard, Heber-Overgaard, AZ 85928, USA
When I make a pie and have filling and dough left these little pie dishes are perfect for making a mini pie. They are great f...  Libbey Glass Just Baking Mini Pie Plate Set, 10-piece

Pie Plates
11/17/2014 - Marcost
Really enjoyed baking with these pie plates. The day after I received them I made 8 mini lemon meringue pies. Soooo cute!  Libbey Glass Just Baking Mini Pie Plate Set, 10-piece
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