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Staub Staub merges the functionality of enamel cast iron cookware with food preparation technology. Their most popular piece, the cocotte, is ideal for slow-cooking recipes like stews, soups, and roasted meats. Staub’s cocottes and mini cocottes are similar to Dutch Ovens and incorporate self-basting spikes in the lids that allow even heat distribution for moist and flavorful cooking. In addition to the cocotte, explore Staub grill pans, Staub teapots and more.
Raised spikes allow even heat distribution of juices for moister results.

Cooking surface:
Matte black enameled cast iron interiors enhance searing, resists scratching, and develops “non-stick” qualities as used.
Heat source:
Staub cookware works equally well on electric, gas, or induction cooktops.

Lid design:
Large heat-resistant knobs and tight seals enhance the cooking experience.

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Recent Reviews

A Great Addition For The Cook
7/1/2014 - Lori74
North Bend, NE 68649, USA
Love, Love, Love this pan. From casserole's to steaks to stir frys - turns out perfect every time! No sticking and easy to cl...  Staub Perfect Pan, 12-inch

Bake At Low Temp
6/27/2014 - allegheny122
Virginia, USA
Used this for the first time for a beef stew. Beef was not tender meat. After browning with onions I put in a few cups of bee...  Staub Perfect Pan, 12-inch
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