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Wellnessmats Story
Developed in 1996 for the healthcare, chiropractic and salon/spa industries to provide safety and comfort, WellnessMats were quickly adopted by other professions that require long-term standing. WellnessMats anti-fatigue mat and kitchen mat are preferred choices for the Department of Homeland Security, TSA, Disney, and an industry favorite with hotels, airports, professional kitchens and retailers.   More About Wellnessmats

About Wellnessmats Products
The designers at WellnessMats heard the call for a superior anti-fatigue mat that provides comfort, while easing strains caused by standing for long periods of time. In answer, WellnessMats introduced a kitchen mat and wellness mat line featuring Advanced Polyurethane Technology (APT). APT is an exclusively engineered material that bonds the thick, resilient core of each mat to its thin outer layer – – the key to each product’s comfort, performance and longevity.   More About Wellnessmats Products
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