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Cookware: Dutch Ovens

Dutch Ovens, French Ovens, and Cocottes, three names for a tall, heavy, round or oval pot with a tight fitting lid that is ideal for slow-cooking, braising, roasting, and stewing. A typical Dutch oven is crafted of cast iron, like the Lodge, or other metal, like the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Sol Ceraforce Dutch Oven. A typical French oven, like the Le Creuset French Oven, features a core of cast iron that is twice-coated in enamel for both beauty and functionality: the smooth, glass-like surface that is perfect for searing and browning without sticking.  Finally, a Cocotte, like the Staub Cocotte, is similar to a French oven with a core of cast-iron with an enameled surface. However, a cocotte is generally not as deep as the other versions of this cookware and features a flat lid that fits snugly into the lipped edge to help maintain temperature and moisture.

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Dutch Ovens

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