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FlavorWood Bar-B-Q Grilling Smoke

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Infusing delicious, wood-smoked flavor into grilled foods has never been easier.

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The smart, modern way to produce natural wood smoke in your charcoal, gas or electric grill. Real wood chips compressed into a small tin produce really big smoke flavor without mess or extra work. Simply remove the label from the FlavorWood can, place the can on top of charcoal, in a gas or electric grill, or on top of lava rocks near the heat source and in mere minutes you'll have dense, rich, flavorful smoke.

Product Features
  • • No more soaking of wood chips.
  • • Eliminates ashy residue on food and grill.
  • • Compressed wood chips last longer and produce more concentrated flavor.
  • • Economical, adding natural flavoring for mere pennies per serving.
  • • Each can yields approximately one hour of continuous smoke.
  • • Reusable if less than an hour of total smoking time has elapsed.
  • • Works in all grills, including gas.
  • • Made in the USA.

  • • Includes one of each flavor: apple, cherry or mesquite.
  • • A single will smoke for a total time of one hour and typically smokes several meals.

Care and Use
  • • Remove label before placing can in grill
  • • When you are finished smoking, remove can from grill with tongs and place on a burn-proof surface.