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Breville Variable Temperature Kettle, BKE820XL

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Pre-set temperatures with audible alerts ensure the finest-tasting tea with little effort.

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To produce their unique flavors and aromas, different teas require exact water temperatures. The Breville Variable Temperature Kettle features electronic controls with 5 pre-set precise brewing temperatures for green, white, oolong, French press, and black tea and boil. Audible alerts let you know when your tea is at the just-right temperature. The hold temp feature retains the temperature of the heated water for 20 minutes and can be activated before, during or on completion of the water heating cycle. The efficient 1,500-watt element makes for quick boiling and the unit includes safety boil-dry protection and automatic shut-off. Clear water level indicators on both sides allow for left- or right-handed viewing. The durable stainless-steel kettle holds up 2 quarts of water and wipes clean. Conveniently cordless when lifted from the base, the kettle includes a smooth soft-grip handle for effortless lifting and removable scale filter for easy cleaning.

Australian-produced Breville presents its die-cast series that sets the standard in no compromise performance and durability. It's the new generation of heavy-duty, professional-grade countertop appliances for the home chef with an eye for forward-thinking innovation, remarkable design and high-performance features.

Product Features
  • • Easy-touch buttons ensure precise brewing temperatures for every cup
  • • Hold temperature option keeps the water heated at selected temperature for 20 minutes
  • • Variable electronic control with 5 pre-set brewing temperatures: 175 F (80 C)- -green tea, 185 F (85 C)- -white tea, 195 F (90 C)- -oolong tea, 200 F (93 C)- -French press, 212 F (100 C)- -boil and black tea
  • • Audible alerts let you know when your tea is at the just-right temperature
  • • Water level indicators with 2 windows for left- or right-handed viewing
  • • Die-cast brushed stainless-steel design looks smart in any kitchen and is built for years of durable use
  • • Powerful 1,500-watt heating element ensures a quick boil
  • • Brushed stainless-steel kettle is stain-resistant and holds up to 2 quarts of water
  • • One-touch button gently opens the lid with a viewing window
  • • Smooth soft-grip handle for easy lifting
  • • Safety boil-dry protection and automatic shut-off for added convenience
  • • Kettle is entirely cord-free when lifted from the brushed stainless-steel base
  • • Removable scale filter for easy cleaning
  • • Breville assist power plug with finger hole design for easy and safe removal from the outlet
  • • Wrap-around cord storage lets you adjust cord length
  • • Wipe clean
  • • 1-year limited warranty
  • • Imported

  • • Model: BKE820XL
  • • Capacity: 2 qt. (1.8L)
  • • Watts: 1,500
  • • Size: 6 1/4"W x 7 1/2"D x 10 1/4"H (with 2 1/4"W handle)
  • • Weight: 3 lbs. 14 oz.
  • • Material: brushed stainless steel, plastic
  • • Made in China

Use and Care
  • • To clean after use, ensure Breville Variable Temperature Kettle is turned off and the power cord is unplugged. Allow all parts of the kettle to cool completely before cleaning.
  • • The outside of the kettle should be wiped with a damp cloth then polished with a soft, dry cloth.
  • • Do not use chemicals, steel wool or abrasive cleaners to clean the inside or outside of the kettle. Never immerse the kettle base, power base, power cord or power plug in water or allow moisture to come into contact with these parts.
  • • Do not remove the diffuser ring located on the base inside the kettle.
  • • The kettle features a removable mesh filter to remove scale deposits for cleaner water. To clean the scale deposits from the filter, remove the filter by opening the lid and sliding the filter up and out of the kettle. To clean the filter, place it under running hot water and rub with a cleaning cloth or brush.
  • • Mineral deposits in tap water may cause the kettle interior and water window to discolor over time. Mineral deposits may be removed by using a proprietary kettle descaler available from most leading supermarkets, department stores and hardware stores. Or, fill the kettle until two-thirds full with part vinegar and two parts water. Boil and allow to stand overnight. Empty the solution from the kettle. Fill the kettle with clean water, bring to boil and discard the water. Repeat and the kettle will be ready for use.
  • • Ensure the kettle is switched off, cleaned and dried before storing. Ensure that the lid is closed and locked securely into place. Stand the kettle upright on the power base. Do not store anything on top.