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KitchenAid Professional 9-speed Hand Mixer, KHM926

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Improved Turbo Beater II accessories provide extra power to thoroughly mix ingredients with less batter buildup.

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The upgraded Turbo Beater II accessories for the KitchenAid Professional 9-speed Hand Mixer easily mix heavy, dense doughs and batters with less buildup on the blades. Stainless-steel attachments, with no center point, thoroughly mix and customize blending for gourmet consistency from fluffy whipped meringues to heavy cookie dough. Powerful yet lightweight, the KitchenAid hand mixer features a Clean Touch control pad that lets you increase or decrease mixing speed with fingertip control, including 2 slow stir speeds to 2 high whip speeds. The professional hand beater electronic mixing sensor automatically adjusts speeds to the resistance of the load, blending thick, heavy batters smoothly and efficiently.

With 9 speeds and a comfort-style handle, the KitchenAid hand mixer gives you precise control without slowing when mixing stiff batters like banana bread or pound cake. Soft Start technology prevents spatters and protected air vents avoid clogging from batter and other mixtures. The LED screen allows for easy viewing of mixing speeds. Locking swivel cord allows for convenient right- or left-handed use at any angle. Heel rest helps steady the 9-speed hand mixer when not in use. Oversized beater ejection button makes disassembly easy. Includes 2 beaters, professional whisk, dough hooks and liquid blender rod. Dishwasher-safe accessories.

Since the introduction of its legendary stand mixer in 1919 and its first dishwasher in 1949, KitchenAid continues to build on its legacy of creating a complete line of products designed for home cooks. KitchenAid now offers virtually every essential for the well-equipped kitchen.

Product Features
  • • Upgraded Turbo Beater II accessories easily mix heavy, dense doughs and batters with less build-up
  • • KitchenAid hand mixer with powerful, lightweight motor ensures easy operation
  • • Clean Touch control pad increases or decreases mixing speed at the touch of a button
  • • 9 mixing speeds includes 2 slow stir speeds to 2 high whip speeds
  • • Electronic mixing sensor self-adjusts for batter thickness to prevent slowing or stalling
  • • Soft Start electronic control helps prevent spattering
  • • Electronic digital LED control shows mixing speed at a glance
  • • Protected air vents avoid clogging from batter and other mixtures
  • • Lockable swivel 64"L cord offers convenient right- or left-handed mixing at any angle
  • • Beater ejector button ensures simple disassembly
  • • Comfort-styled handle helps with precise control
  • • Non-tip heel rest steadies 9-speed hand mixer when not in use
  • • Stainless-steel accessories are dishwasher-safe
  • • 1-year warranty

Includes Accessories
  • • 2 stainless-steel professional Turbo Beater II attachments
  • • 2 stainless-steel dough hooks
  • • 1 stainless-steel liquid blender rod attachment
  • • 1 pro whisk
  • • Canvas accessory bag
  • • English/French instruction manual

  • • Assembled in the USA
  • • Material: ABS plastic, stainless-steel
  • • Model: KHM926
  • • Watts: 100 (efficient DC motor requires less power)
  • • Size: 3 1/4"W x 7 3/4"D x 5 1/2"H
  • • Weight: 2 lb. 8 oz. (with accessories)

Use and Care
  • • Always unplug your KitchenAid hand mixer before cleaning. Do not immerse the 9-speed hand mixer in water. Wipe professional hand beater with a warm, sudsy cloth; then wipe clean with a damp cloth. Dry with a soft cloth.
  • • Always remove Turbo Beater accessories from the KitchenAid hand mixer before cleaning. Wash in the dishwasher, or by hand in warm, sudsy water. Rinse and wipe dry.
  • • To avoid risk of electrical shock, do not put the professional hand beater in water or other liquid.
  • • Avoid contacting moving parts. Keep hands, hair, clothing, as well as spatulas and other utensils away from all accessories during operation.
  • • The use of attachments not recommended by or sold by KitchenAid may cause fire, electric shock or injury.