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RSVP Endurance Fryer's Friend Stainless-Steel Grease Keeper

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Easily strain and store frying oil.

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Safely store and preserve flavor of frying oil with Fryer's Friend grease keeper. This kitchen grease container includes mesh insert to filter sediment from oil. Stainless-steel keeper protects from light and exposure to retain flavor. Nonreactive to oil or ingredients, this easy-clean grease container with strainer is also ideal to store bacon grease. Insert features convenient wide-grip tab to lift and discard sediment. Easy-pour spout and ergonomic handle with thumb indent ensure nonslip pouring stability. Stainless-steel. Dishwasher-safe. 4-cup or 6-cup.

Product Features
  • • Strain, store and reuse frying oil
  • • Mesh filter separates sediment from oil
  • • Stainless-steel protects oil from light and exposure to retain flavor
  • • Also ideal as a bacon grease strainer and keeper
  • • Nonreactive to oil or ingredients
  • • Wide-grip tab on insert to easily lift and discard sediment
  • • Pour spout to control flow
  • • Ergonomic handle with thumb indent for nonslip pouring stability

  • • Material: stainless-steel
  • • Made in China

  • • Model: ST-40FF
  • • 5 1/4" Dia. (7 1/4"L w/spout & handle) x 5"H (w/lid)
  • • Base: 4 3/4" Dia.
  • • Weight: 10-ounces

  • • Model: ST-80FF
  • • 5 1/4" Dia. (7 1/4"L w/spout & handle) x 6 3/4"H (w/lid)
  • • Base: 4 3/4" Dia.
  • • Weight: 11-ounces

Care and Use
  • • Dishwasher-safe
  • • Durable to reheat solidified grease on stove top