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de Buyer Mineral B Pro Iron Frypan

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The original organic mineral skillet made in France free of chemicals, and PFOA- and PTFE-free now with a comfortable rounded handle for even easier expert cooking.

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Made of 99% iron, the de Buyer Mineral Fry Pan is the natural choice of restaurant chefs for serving gourmet entrees rich with moist seared flavor. With the 3mm thickness, this pan performs exceptionally well at high temperatures - the key to caramelizing natural juices for a crisp outer sear that locks in flavor, vitamins and nutrients. Beautifully sears meat, poultry, pork and seafood that coated pans cannot. With the updated smooth cast stainless steel handle, every size mineral skillet in this deBuyer collection is comfortable to grip and easier to handle on the stove top and in the oven. The organic mineral pan enables safe, health conscious cooking, without unnatural chemical coatings.

The more you use the mineral skillet, the better it performs, as this pans darkens naturally and becomes nonstick over time. Free of chemicals, PFOA- and PTFE-free, these pans naturally enhance the flavor of steaks, seafood, omelettes, vegetables and more, by sealing in nutrients under high heat. Sloped sides ideal for sauteing, braising and deglazing and finishing in the oven. de Buyer takes a proactive approach toward ecologically responsible cookware with the organic mineral pan. Available in 8" and 9 1/2", 11" and 12 1/2" Dia. Made in France. Safe for all heat sources, including induction.

Founded in France in 1830, de Buyer is the manufacturer of the blue-steel French crepe pan used by chefs around the world. The name de Buyer is renowned as a premier European supplier of top quality utensils and cookware using eco-friendly materials.

Product Features
  • • The original organic pan of 99% iron is updated with an ergonomic rounded stainless steel handle for easier cooking and handling on a stove top and in the oven
  • • Carbon steel performs exceptionally well at high heat temperature to caramelize natural juices for a crisp outer sear and sealed-in flavor
  • • Moist tender flavor is locked into meat, poultry, pork and seafood to serve restaurant-quality entrees
  • • PFOA- and PTFE-free for healthy cooking
  • • Performance improves over time, the more the pan is used, the darker it becomes for all-natural nonstick cooking
  • • Sloped sides ideal for searing steaks, pork cutlets and seafood and finishing in the oven
  • • Perfect to saute vegetables or meats and deglaze
  • • Ecologically responsible pan is 100% recyclable
  • • Ergonomic, smooth rounded cast stainless steel handle for comfortable grip is double-riveted for durability
  • • Includes beeswax coating for rust-free transport
  • • de Buyer is the manufacturer of premium French cookware since1830.

  • • Materials: 99% iron, cast stainless steel handle
  • • Oven safe to 400 F
  • • Made in France

  • • Model: 5680.20
  • • Size: 8" Dia. (14 1/4"L w/handle) x 1 1/2"H (3 1/4"H w/handle)
  • • Base: 5 1/4" Dia.
  • • Weight: 2 lbs., 6 oz.

    9 1/2"
  • • Model: 5680.26
  • • Size: 9 1/2" Dia. (16 3/4"L w/handle) x 1 1/2"H (2 3/4" w/handle)
  • • Base: 6 1/4" Dia.
  • • Weight: 3 lbs., 2 oz.

  • • Model 5680.32
  • • Size: 11" Dia. (11 3/4"L w/handle) x 1 3/4"H (3 1/2" w/handle)
  • • Base: 8" Dia.
  • • Weight: 4 lbs., 12 oz.

    12 1/2" w/helper handle
  • • Model 5680.36
  • • Size: 12 1/2" Dia. (24"L w/handles) x 2"H (5" w/handle)
  • • Base: 9" Dia.
  • • Weight: 6 lbs., 10 oz.

Care and Use
  • • Season prior to use (instructions included)
  • • Safe for all stove tops, including induction
  • • Hand wash in hot water using a sponge to wipe clean, rinse and wipe dry immediately
  • • Do not let pan soak in soapy water
  • • Oil with a paper towel and store in a dry place
  • • Do not wash in the dishwasher
  • • Suitable for all stove tops, including induction
  • • Pans should not be left in the oven longer than 10 minutes