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Wakaya Perfection Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Powder

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Pink ginger, a rare hard-to-find spice cultivated by hand from mineral-rich soil delivers the quality and purity that adds unprecedented flavor to beverages and foods.

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Grown and cultivated by hand on only one remote island in the world, Wakaya's rare and pure Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Powder brings amazing flavor to every recipe that calls for ginger. Exotic and earthy, this rare peppery spicy flavor from the archipelago Fiji island of Wakaya is 100% Organic and 100% Kosher Certified. Rare pink ginger root is grown in high-nutrient, virgin volcanic soil, nourished by pure rainwater and cultivated by hand. The island of Wakaya is the only source of this pure, powerful and potent organic ginger, a flavor that is unprecedented for adding fragrant depth and richness to recipes. The geographic isolation of the island and pristine landscape attribute to the pureness of flavor.

A rare spice that is used at The Wakaya Club & Spa, a private island resort in the archipelago of the Fiji islands can now be savored in your own kitchen. This rare organic pink ginger powder adds island fresh spicy flavor to stir fry, meats and vegetables and international cuisine. Adds a kick to iced tea and cocktails, and it is the perfect complementary spice to your morning breakfast. Mix ginger in hot water for instantly soothing ginger tea or blend with ingredients for smoothies.

Far from commercial and industrial centers of the world, Wakaya boasts one of the purest ecosystems in the world. Now, for the first time, CHEFS is bringing this rare exotic spice to home kitchens. 100% Organic, 100% Kosher Certified and non-GMO (genetically modified organisms).

Product Features
• Rare, proprietary exotic organic ginger from the Fijian island of Wakaya brings an entirely new and exciting dimension of flavor to beverages, salads, side dishes, entrees and desserts  
• Grown in volcanic soil high in beneficial minerals, nourished from pure natural rainwater, and harvested naturally by the Fijian people, this spice features a high moisture content and maintains purity of flavor
• Wakaya organic pink ginger is ground to a superfine golden powder
• Sweet and peppery ginger flavor enlivens morning tea, smoothies, iced tea, muffins, salads and risotto
• This rare and exotic ginger is a natural for beef, pork, poultry and seafood
• Adds a kick of flavor to cocktails, martinis and sangria coolers
• Cultivated by hand -- no machinery or metals touch ginger crops
• No preservatives, no pesticides, no additives and no coloring
• 100% Organic USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)
• 100% ACO Certified (Australian Certified Organic)
• 100% Kosher Certified
• Non-GMO (genetically modified organisms
• The island of Wakaya boasts one of the purest ecosystems in the world, maintaining the integrity of this exotic spice

• Product of Wakaya, Fiji

• Model: GP-0-6OZ
• Net Spice Weight: 0.6 oz.
• Glass jar: 2 1/4" Sq. x 1 3/4"H
• Weight: 5.7 oz.

• Model: GP-5-8OZ
• Net Spice Weight: 5.8 oz.
• Glass jar: 3 1/4" Sq. x 4 1/2"H
• Weight: 1 lb., 11 oz.