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Chef'sChoice Edge Select Pro Electric Sharpener M120

Item #91010


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Professional sharpener hones in seconds!

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Patented 3-stage sharpening process delivers a super-sharp, long-lasting edge to both straight-edge and serrated blades. Manufactured with 100% diamond abrasives for superior sharpness, it customizes edges from more "bite" to ultrafine. The ultrafine flexible stropping discs ensure flawless polish. Needs no honing oil or water. 125 watts. Assembled in USA. 3-year limited warranty. 9 3/4"L x 4 1/4" W x 4"H.

Product Features
  • • Versatile design sharpens straight and serrated edges
  • • 3-stage sharpening system provides an edge more sharp than a razor
  • • Stages 1 and 2 feature 100% diamond coated conical disks
  • • Stage 3 uses flexible stropping/polishing disks
  • • Produces a more durable, longer lasting edge in minimal time
  • • Uses Trirazor-Plus for optimum edges on gourmet cutlery, butcher type knives, sporting blades and serrated knives
  • • 100% diamond abrasive system is guaranteed to never detemper your knives
  • • Perfect for economical and high-end, quality knives
  • • Patented elastomeric springs hold knives securely against precision guides for accurate control of sharpening angles
  • • Uses 100% diamond coated conical disks in stages 1 and 2, stage 3 uses a revolutionary patented flexible stropping/polishing disk for a system that creates edges of hairsplitting sharpness in seconds
  • • Requires no water or honing oil
  • • Includes detailed photographic instruction booklet
Cleaning and Maintenance
  • • In the event the blades in stage 3 become glazed with grease, food or sharpening debris, they can be cleaned and reshaped by actuating the manual lever on the rear of the sharpener. To actuate the cleaning/dressing tool, simply press the small lever to the right for three seconds, then repeat process to the left for 3 seconds.
  • • No lubrication is needed for any moving parts.
  • • There is no need for water on abrasives.
  • • The exterior of the sharpener may be cleaned by carefully wiping with a damp cloth.
  • • Do not use detergents or abrasives.
  • • Annually remove any metal dust that accumulates inside the sharpener by removing the small rectangular clean-out cover and brush off filings from the magnet with a paper towel or small brush.