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Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Sugar


  "Used" or fresh vanilla beans
  granulated sugar

Cooking Instructions

1. If you have used vanilla beans from making homemade vanilla extract: Air dry the beans for several days. Fill a glass jar with 2 cups of granulated sugar. Cut 3 or 4 dry vanilla beans in half and add to jar. Tightly seal jar with lid. Shake gently to mix. Let the sugar mixture sit for about 2 weeks to allow vanilla beans to infuse sugar. Use vanilla sugar in hot beverages and baking recipes.

2. If you have fresh vanilla beans: Fill glass jar with 1/2 cup sugar. Split 1 vanilla bean down the center, lengthwise. Scrape seeds from pod and mix with the sugar. Add another 1-1/2 cups sugar to the jar. Cut pod into 2 or 3 pieces and add to sugar. Tightly seal jar with lid. To mix, shake 4 or 5 times vigorously. Let the sugar sit for one week before using. Use vanilla sugar in hot beverages and baking recipes.

Equipment List

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