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Professional Outdoor Grilling Tips

Q & A with Dean Fearing, Executive Chef, The Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas.
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Professional Outdoor Grilling Tips - Equipment List

Butcher's Twine

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Professional Outdoor Grilling Tips - Instructions

Q: What are your professional tips on grilling the perfect steak?
A: That's easy - a hot fire, clean grate and very well seasoned steaks. To season the
steaks, first I drizzle on olive oil then use lots of good sea salt and fresh cracked
black pepper for a standard steak.

For steaks with a different flavor, I like to make my own pepper mixture. Always start
with cracked black pepper, but then you can add some chili flakes, white pepper, a
little garlic powder, a little bit of Anjou powder or a chipotle powder, which is a
little smokier and hotter. You can use any of these that you like in any combination
and, of course, salt.

As far as cooking goes, getting your grill hot enough is key, as is not turning your
steak too many times on the grill. Sear the steak really well on one side and then

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Professional Outdoor Grilling Tips - Instructions Continued

turn it to cook on the second side. If you sear it on one side, flip and then cook it
on the other, you'll seal the juices inside and will have a juicy steak in the end.

Q: What cuts of meat do you prefer to grill?
A: They are all good but to me thicker is better. I have no problem with any beef. I
love all cuts, but I stay pretty much with thick tenderloin, thick strips, a thick
fillet or thick porterhouses when I grill.

The thicker the beef, the more time it has to cook, which allows that beautiful, rosy
medium rare color to develop. And, never cut into the steak until five to seven
minutes after it is off the fire. All of the juices will run out unless you let the
meat sit for a few minutes.

Q: What wines do you enjoy with grilled steaks?

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Professional Outdoor Grilling Tips - Instructions Continued

A: With steaks, obviously the most common choice is a Cabernet, but I love the big,
spicy heartiness of the Zinfandels and the Shirazes. The fun part about wine and food
is experimenting. I've had some great pinot noirs with beef. We live in a world where
nothing stays the same; what I loved a month ago is different than what I love in wine
now. Wine is always moving forward. But if I had to pick one I would pick a big hearty

Q: What is your opinion of the Hasty Bake Grill?
A: The Hasty Bake Grill is an amazing grill. It really is. And what makes it so
amazing is that you can raise or lower its heat source - which is what makes it a lot
more functional than other grills. Because of that feature, you can smoke in it, you
can grill in it, or you can do long-term cooking in it. You can even do a big turkey
in a Hasty Bake Grill.

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Professional Outdoor Grilling Tips - Instructions Continued

For steaks, what I love about this grill is that you can raise the heat source right
up to the grates and get it really, really hot. So when you put your meat on, you can
sear it quickly, lower the heat, throw in a handful of chicory chips, and smoke grill
your steaks or ribs. What comes out is the most awesome taste.

Other grills can only hope they will grow up to be a Hasty Bake Grill.

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