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Fig Jam

5 cups (about 2 pounds)fully ripened figs, mashed
8 tablespoonslemon juice
7-1/2 cupssugar
1 packagepectin (sure jell, jell ease, etc.)
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Fig Jam - Instructions

Wash and sterilize about 7 pint jars (more or less) and jar lids. NOTE: If you are using jelly jars, it
will make more than 7). Wash and cut stems off figs, don't peel. Mash figs, add lemon juice and mix
well. Put figs in a large pan, add sugar, mix well. (At this point you may want to add just about 1/8 -
1/4 cup water if mixture is too thick, but no more than that.) Add pectin and mix well. Place pan on
stove eye and bring to a rolling boil (a boil you can't stir down) and boil 2 minutes. Remove pan from
stove eye and skim white film from the top. Ladle into hot, sterilized jars, put on sterilized lids and
tighten rings. Turn jar upside down on a kitchen towel. Fill remainder of jars, following same
procedure. Leave turned upside down 5 minutes. Turn right side up and let cool.

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