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Dressing and Stuffing Tips to Please

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Dressing and Stuffing Tips to Please - Instructions

Dressing Tips
• Never stuff the bird with dressing, it will be over cooked by the time the
center is done, instead I make a stock with the wings (removing the wings, brown them
in the oven, and then simmering for a few hours with celery, carrots, and onion.)It
makes a very flavorful stock and a great dressing that can be baked in a pan
separately. Then I cook my bird to 160 degrees then let it rest for 10-15 minutes to
let the juices cool inside enough so they don't seep out when cutting. (Submitted by
Sherri C.)

• Tips for cornbread stuffing or dressing. Start the cornbread early, like 2 days
before the day, then crumble it, then dry it. Do the same for the sourdough bread. On
the day of sauté the onions, and all the other goodies, add the bread to the amount
you want. The only way to get Thanksgiving done on time is to stage it, in stages, no

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Dressing and Stuffing Tips to Please - Instructions Continued

pun intended. The best teacher is experience, but plan ahead and chop each task into
smaller tasks. Do give yourself enough time, days ahead would help if you are doing it
all yourself. Let the last day be for Turkey cooking and all the guests. (Submitted by
Mallory A.)

• I love old fashioned sage-bread stuffing/dressing for Thanksgiving. But I
always forget to "stale" some bread until it's too late. However, I always have some
baguette around the house...and there's always a bit left over. And I finally realized
that if I freeze all of the left over ends...I always have enough stale baguette to
make wonderful stuffing. (Submitted by David M.)

• Browned bulk Italian sausage added to your dressing gives it that extra punch
that will wow your guests. (Submitted by Alice S.)

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Dressing and Stuffing Tips to Please - Instructions Continued

• Take any stuffing recipe and add chopped granny smith apples, gives your
stuffing or dressing a little sweeter flavor. (Submitted by Sharon L.)

• This sounds strange, but absolutely makes your turkey stuffing moist and
succulent: put 2 small cans of minced clams and juice in your stuffing. You will never
taste the clams, but the stuffing will have a depth of flavor and richness (and salt)
that will enhance. Don't tell anyone... They will love it and never know. (Submitted
by Pamela N.)

• Add a pound of sautéed sage flavored jimmy dean sausage to your stuffing.
Tastes awesome! (Submitted by Helen D.)

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Dressing and Stuffing Tips to Please - Instructions Continued

Stuffing a Turkey
• When I cook a turkey, I do stuff it, but I also put about 1 inch of water in
the bottom of the roasting pan. I then cover tightly with foil and start roasting.
During the roasting time, I check it every couple of hours (I usually roast a 20-24lb
turkey) and use the juices to base the turkey and squeeze some in the stuffing. I
always cook my turkey longer than most people do(sometimes an hour or more) .and it is
never dried out because I also brine it the night before and because I have so much
juice in the roasting pan while cooking that it almost steams the turkey. When cooking
time is done, I then uncover and brown turkey...I also take out all the juices in the
bottom of pan and use that to make my gravy....absolutely delicious. I use this tip of
adding water when I roast chickens also....they are always juicy!!! (Submitted by
Patsy R.)

• After you have finished stuffing the inner parts of the turkey very carefully

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Dressing and Stuffing Tips to Please - Instructions Continued

slice the skin back from the breast and put the remainder of your stuffing on top of
the breast. The butter and herbs from the stuffing make the breast extremely moist and
flavorful. Pull the skin back over the breast and secure if needed (Submitted by
Cheryl W.)

• After stuffing your turkey at both ends, tuck the heel of a loaf of bread into
edges of the cavities to seal off. No need to tie the legs with string to keep
everything tucked in. Stuffing stays nice and moist! (Submitted by Debbie H.)

• Line the cavities of your turkey with cheesecloth and put the dressing/stuffing
inside of the cheesecloth. Tie ends with cotton cord, roast turkey with normal
methods. Dressing/stuffing removes very easily and quickly. (Submitted by Gayle W.,
Post Falls, ID)

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