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Teatime Treats

A variety of savories and sweets!
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Teatime Treats - Instructions

Tea Sandwiches
A variety of savories and sweets provides a delicious complement to hot and iced teas and look pretty on
a platter, too. The following treats harmonize with our assortment of John Harney Teas.

Finger sandwiches are a traditional offering at teatime. The filling is spread on one bread slice,
topped with the other, and then cut into a desired shape. Keep the sandwiches thin and delicate.

See our recipe for Super Sandwich Bread (Pain de Mie), which is traditionally used for making tea
sandwiches, but any firm bread can be used.

These small sandwiches dry out quickly. Prepare them up to 1 hour in advance, wrap them tightly in
plastic wrap, and refrigerate. Remove them from the refrigerator about 30 minutes before serving. Remove
the plastic wrap, cover them with a slightly moist tea towel, and keep at room temperature until ready
to serve.

Some of our favorite combinations for tea sandwiches include: radish and sweet butter, egg salad and
bacon, crab salad, chicken salad with grated apple, smoked salmon and chevre, cherry tomato with arugula

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Teatime Treats - Instructions Continued

mayonnaise, shrimp with dill butter, and prosciutto with fresh ricotta.

The traditional clotted cream served in England with strawberries and scones is made by heating
unpasteurized milk until a semisolid layer of cream forms on the surface. When the mixture cools, the
layer of cream, called clotted cream or Devonshire cream, is skimmed from the surface. If you cannot
find clotted cream, crème fraîche is an acceptable substitute.

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